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Welcome to the #DreamTeam linky party for bloggers with hosts Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons  and me as the guest host from a still sweltering London. I managed to complete the British 10km on Sunday and was thrilled to get a time of 1:02 when it was so very hot, but it was very exhausting. I am still feeling a little fuzzy so hit me with your best posts to get me moving again:


This week I am sharing a public service announcement from my two boys.  For all those parents whose littles will be starting school in September we got you covered.  My son’s are confident that they have this school thing nailed so have taken over the blog and shared everything that a child needs to know before starting school.

Feel free to take notes 😉

#DREAMTEAM Featured Bloggers

Life of an Ambitious Turtle – Keeping Littles Cool During a Heatwave
During this heatwave that we have been experiencing I have been on sun cream overdrive as I didn’t want anyone to get sunburn, but heat stroke has not been on my radar at all.  This post from Life of an Ambitious Turtle gives some great hints and tips for helping to avoid things like heat stroke and just for keeping your littles (and you for that matter) cool this summer.

Three Time Daddy – How am I doing son?

As a former HR professional I simply could not pass over a post that manages to combine annual appraisals with parenting.  Genius!!  It also just so happens to be rather funny.
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