Child Safety at the amusement park

Child Safety at the Amusement Park

Child Safety at the Amusement Park; Steps you can take to keep your child safe

When taking your child to an amusement park, you want them to enjoy themselves and have a good time.  It can be a great way to spend a family day out, but if you feel daunted about taking your kids to an amusement park (or any large busy place) then trust me you are not alone. I get it!  With four little kids, I find these types of outings very daunting.  However, the children love it and although accidents can happen there are steps you can take to ensure that the amusement park trip is fun and not stressful.  This post is all about giving you the steps you can take to keep your child safe.

Child safety at the amusement park

Steps to ensure your child is safe

Read and Teach Your Child the Rules

When taking your child to the amusement park, ensure you read and teach them all the rules and how they should behave while in the park. Following the rules set by the amusement park has a lot of advantages, not least the fact that these have been designed by professionals to keep you and your children safe. You are also covering yourself.  If you adhere to the rules and someone does incur an injury, you have someone to hold accountable.

It’s also vital to know the layout of the amusement park to know how to control your child’s movement. If a place is restricted, warn your child about visiting the area and stay away; however, if an accident happens in a permitted area, it may not be your park’s fault. Ask about their washroom and first aid facilities. Other rules that are important include age, height, and health requirements.

However, if your child suffers an injury due to the amusement park’s negligence or the ride operator’s carelessness, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. You can get in touch with attorneys at or a similar law firm who can help you file a case and get the deserved compensation. It is also important to take photographs to document the incident, gather witness statements and keep any evidence you may have.

Dress your child comfortably and appropriately

When taking your child to an amusement park, dress them appropriately and comfortably.

  • Check the weather reports before you go so that you have the clothes that you need.
  • You might also want to think about having a spare set of clothes for each child if there are water rides and you don’t think they will dry off quickly.
  • You should ensure they wear closed sports shoes that are comfortable for rides and walking.
  • You can also consider dressing them in zipped clothes so they can store some of the valuables they have and prevent them from getting lost.
  • Avoid dressing them in baggy clothing or long dangling necklaces and earrings that could get caught up in machinery while you are near a ride. 

Show them a pre-arranged meeting point in case you get separated

It’s vital to show your child a specific meeting place they should go to in case you get separated in the amusement park. This is a good security measure. You might not necessarily have to meet there but having a backup plan is very vital.

You can also write your mobile number and your name on a piece of paper and tuck them in their pockets so they reach out and plan to meet you or for slightly older kids ensure that they know your number off by heart.

Some amusement parks have name tags that you can collect on arrival and have your children wear throughout the day so it is worth finding out if that is an option

In busy places we always tell our kids who is their adult so they know which parent they must stay near and we know which children we each need to have eyes on.  We also dress them in distinct, bright tops when we are going somewhere so that they are easy to see!

We also always talk to our children about where the safe places to go would be if they couldn’t find us for example a first aid hut where there would be a member of staff.

The last thing we do is to point out the uniform of the people working the rides and stalls so that the children would know who they could approach if they got separated and needed help.

Carry water for them

While having a good time, ensuring your child has water to drink to stay hydrated is vital. During the hot weather, dehydration can occur. Please give them a bottle of water to carry and ensure they take breaks regularly to have something to eat. Be cautious if your child feels light-headed, faint, nauseous, or exhausted. Sunscreen is also a must have along with a hat.

Stay Safe on Rides

It’s very crucial to avoid forcing your children into the rides against their will. Some rides move at high speed, which can rattle the whole body. This often causes strains on the head and neck. After one ride, ensure your child takes a break no matter how much they seem to enjoy it to help them stretch out. Always check the safety latch, belt, and strap on the launch to ensure they are secured. For the small and thin, ensure that the belts hold them well as they are at risk of not getting held properly.

Steps to pursue if Your Child is Injured at an Amusement Park

Accidents are unavoidable, no matter how careful you might be. If they get injured on the ride, there are critical steps you need to follow to ensure your child’s injuries are taken care of, and you get compensated. If the injuries are severe and due to negligence of the service providers, you need to look for a personal injury attorney for hire to help you get compensation.  Should you ever find yourself in this situation you will need to:

Medical Attention

Immediately your child gets hurt, get them the appropriate medical help. Ensure the wounds are covered, and any bleeding is stopped.

Collect Evidence

Take pictures of the scene and everything that you think is vital. It’s also vital to ensure you take pictures of your child’s injury and have a medical record. Where it was a slip, fall, faulty slide, or anything that portrays staff negligence, ensure you record it. You can also consider taking information from the witness who saw what happened, as it can help prove your case.

Contact your Lawyer

Contact your lawyer explaining everything that happened. The lawyer will help you file a case and get the compensation. They will also guide you on what other steps you should take and the evidence you should correct. 


Most trips to an amusement park pass completely without incident, but there are some 30k injuries each year.  You can help minimize your family’s risk by following the rules of the place you are going and making sure that your kids are aware of risks and know what to do in tricky situations.  Don’t let these steps make you concerned though – these trips should be fun and these steps are just made to keep you feel happy and safe and able to enjoy your family trip to the amusement park.

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