tops tips for choosing a family car

5 Tops Tips For Choosing The Right Family Car

If you are thinking about buying a new family car but you’re unsure where to start then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. We know from experience that sometimes the need to buy a new family car can spring up on you.  This might be due to a break down or, as in our case, a pregnancy.  When we discovered we were having twins buying a new family car suddenly became an urgent necessity.  With various different things to consider when it comes to buying a family car, you need to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be even though you may need to make the decision fairly quickly.  Whether that means test driving before you buy or considering the needs of everyone in your family, the more prepared you are the better. With that in mind, here are 5 top tips for choosing the right family car: 

Tips for choosing the right family car

Make Sure You Set Your Budget In Advance

One of the best things you can do when choosing a new family car is to ensure you’re setting yourself a budget in advance. Although it isn’t necessary, it’s the best way to ensure you’re not wasting any time looking at cars you’re not going to be able to afford. When setting your budget it’s also important you’re thinking about the cost of running the car you buy, as you may be surprised at how much it can differ between make and model. Even just the price of spare parts can vary wildly for different models so this is definitely something to consider.

Think about how much services might cost and whether you would be able to cover alongside the costs of insurance etc…  You can save money in the long run by learning how to maintain your vehicle yourself or even diagnosing problems if they occur with a car diagnostic tester.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Once you know how much you’re going to be spending on your new car, you need to think about the research you need to carry out. Whether this means looking at potential makes and models, resources like these car reviews powered by AI, or researching your nearest dealerships, the more you prepare the better.  I chose to start online looking at which makes and models might suit our family’s needs and size.  From there it was dealership searches and actually looking at the cars.

Make Sure You’re Visiting Several Dealerships

No matter which type of car you are looking for you need to be sure you’re visiting several different dealerships to get an idea of what you can get. Even if all of the dealerships you visit have the car that you’re thinking of purchasing, visiting several different places will help you find the best possible place to purchase it from.  It can also pay to shop around to secure the best deal. From lower mileage to a better aftercare system, you need to choose a dealership that’s perfect for you.  We made a mistake with the dealership we chose and had a bit of a nightmare when the car we purchased failed within the first few weeks so this is a point we would really stress.  Do your research and check that they are fully insured/ backed in case anything should go wrong.

Test Drive Before You Buy

Once you know what car you want and where you’re going to be buying it from; think about whether or not you’re going to test drive before you buy. Although it’s not essential, it’s definitely recommended if you want to get a feel for the car.  In some cases, you may find you’re able to test drive for a couple of days. Even if you don’t actually drive the car before buying I would for sure sit in it and get a feel for the level of comfort etc… especially if you are planning family trips in it. 

Consider Your Families Needs

Finally, you need to ensure you’re considering all of your families needs. You need to be sure you’re buying something that is suitable for the whole family.  Consider how big you need the car to be and what you need it to do.  Things to consider are how long you plan to have this family car and how much your kids might grow by that time.  The leg room today may not be suitable in 5 years.  Also with boot space if you have a buggy I recommend taking it to the dealership and actually putting it in to the boot.  

I would also think about how you plan to use the new family car.  Do you plan to take long road trips?  If so you may want to think about getting the model with the DVD player? Is it just for short journeys to pick up from school , do shopping etc…?  If so all the bells and whistles may just be a waste of money for you.   

Are you on the hunt for a new family car? What can you do to ensure you’re finding the perfect fit for you and your family?  Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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