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Easy Christmas Table Decorations UK

Getting the house ready for Christmas is one of the things that I really enjoy each year and creating easy Christmas table decorations is definitely a big part of that.  Of course you can buy some beautiful table centres, but I really like to try to make at least part of our Christmas table decorations not least to make them distinctly cheaper and a bit more personal.

Christmas table ideas

These ideas are of course not just for the UK, but I have called this post Easy Christmas Table Decorations UK as the tips on where to buy the bits and pieces are all UK focused.  So lets get into it…

Dried Fruit and Lights Table Centre

One of the things that is really lovely about Christmas time at home are the smells;  the smell of the Christmas tree, the food and the decorations.  A super way to get those smells happening is by drying oranges and other citrus fruits and getting those into your decorations and into your Christmas table decorations.  Drying the fruit does take time, but isn’t hard to do.  If you want them to last year on year you probably want to buy dehydrated ones as any moisture left can lead to mould.

Once you have the dried fruit slices it looks very cute to simply put them in a glass bowl with fairy lights.  If you want to add greenery then you could get some fir tree pieces and simply place the bowl on top of the greenery.

dried orange slices

Reindeer Christmas Table Decoration

This year, when I was looking on Pinterest for ideas I kept seeing that Stags and reindeer where everywhere and I decided that this would be the theme for our Christmas table decoration. I found some like these:

but it wasn’t really what I wanted and so I decided to make my own. I headed to Hobbycraft and bought some mache reindeer like these.  

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These are typically used for Decopatch and I had planned to do that, but I couldn’t get any papers that I liked and so I decided to paint them instead.  I painted my reindeer with the kids poster paints and then used gold leaf to decorate parts of it for a bit of glitz… 

This video shows just how I did it and I can’t tell you how relaxing it was so its also a little bit of mindfulness for you!

After that I arranged faux greenery, fairy lights, gold candles and some white flowers et voila it is quite a grand looking Christmas table decoration which cost me less than £20 and I can use again and again.  I love it!

Christmas Table Decorations UK

Candles and a Faux Wreath

I love a candle and recently I got these gorgeous hand blown glass votive candle holders from The Pink Pheasant and I think they look so effective as a Christmas table decoration by just arranging them around a faux foliage wreath.  

Christmas Table Centre 2

If you wanted to create your own I would suggest heading to the Pound Shop or Lidl where I have seen faux Christmas wreaths which are plain and then all you need is a hot glue gun and some faux berries to create something that looks very cute surrounded by candles.  Just don’t leave it unattended peeps!

Christmas Table Decorations UK – where to shop

There are some great places to get bits and piecir?t=kirstyhall 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B07PMT1J2Yes to create your Christmas table decorations UK and here are my favourites:

HobbyCraft – I always love this shop, but in the lead up to Christmas it is a like a treasure trove!  They have everything you need to get your homemade Christmas on.

The Pound Shop – Never underestimate the value of the Pound Shops that you will find on every high street.  They are a great place to get the starting point for your Christmas Table Decorations UK as they sell faux wreaths and greenery so cheaply which you can then simply add to with some special bits that you create or buy and make your own table centres or sideboard decorations.

Lidl – Recently I have seen some great plain faux foliage wreaths at Lidl, but of course once it is gone it is gone…  They often also have candle holders so its is definitely worth a look when you are decorating your home for Christmas.

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