Family Takeaway Night

A Family Night In with Deliveroo

A Family Night in with Deliveroo

Note:  This post is part of a paid partnership with Deliveroo

If you have been reading for a while you will know that I really do enjoy cooking and am always trying to come up with new ways of convincing my kids to try new foods.  However, this takes time and as a mummy to four that is not always a luxury that I have.  What with kids’ activities, school commitments, blog deadlines oh and sometimes trying to have a life it isn’t always feasible to cook.  Also, sometimes I just want a night off, a night off from thinking of yet another meal to make and a night off from cleaning up afterwards.  That means one thing round here Deliveroo…   So, I was thrilled when Deliveroo got in touch and offered me a family night off on them!


Family Night In
Family Night In with Deliveroo

What is Deliveroo?

Just in case you haven’t heard of them before, Deliveroo are a company that partners with restaurants all over the UK (and indeed internationally) to deliver their food.  So, they employ drivers to deliver from some of your favourite local restaurants allowing you to eat at home.  They don’t make food themselves they simply collect your order from their partner restaurants and bring it to you, it’s genius really!

How does it work?

When you fancy a takeaway you just head onto your phone or PC and either open the app or web page.  You then search for local restaurants by name or cuisine.  You can filter the search by all kinds of things including Eco friendly packaging, family favourites, vegan, fastest delivery and many more….  The site/ app will show you the restaurants that are currently available along with an estimated delivery time so you get a really good idea of how long you have to wait.  In our experience these times are really very accurate.  It actually couldn’t be simpler.  From there you choose your food from the menu and wait for it to arrive.

Family eating a deliveroo takeaway
Our family night in with Deliveroo

How do you know when your order will arrive?

I love this bit… I use the app and it actually notifies you when your driver has been assigned, when they are on their way and again when they are close by so you can get those plates ready and call the kids down!

It also notifies you if there are any unavoidable delays at the restaurant which I think is fab customer service.  Let’s face it, within reason, most of us understand that sometimes things happen.  What is annoying as a customer is not knowing what is going on so I think this is a great idea.  I should say though that I have been using Deliveroo for at least a year and have maybe had one time where there was a slight delay.  I really have found that the estimated delivery times are very accurate.


Why do we use Deliveroo?

Ok enough of the explanations let me tell you about why Deliveroo works so well for us as a family.

Pizza Express pizza box


The first thing is the choice.  Even now, as I write this, at 9am there are options available to me.  Deliveroo have so many partner restaurants that there is just so much choice.  On any given day I could choose from pretty much any cuisine I could think of and it will be delivered.  We live in London, but Deliveroo has some 30,000 restaurants that they work with across the UK so they are very likely to be able to deliver in your area too.  It is also not just the big restaurants and household names that are available either.  Deliveroo also work with smaller, independent, speciality local restaurants so you really can get your local favourites delivered to home.

Healthy Options

So, this is win win for me…  I don’t have to cook and I can still make sure that the kids eat healthily.  No need to feel guilty about taking a night off!  

There are loads of super healthy options available through Deliveroo.  So, ordering out doesn’t have to be a disaster for your health or staying on track with eating well.  One of the things I appreciate is that you can chose to order from restaurants that you know have high quality, ethically soured ingredients.  For example, I love a burger and with Deliveroo I can order from restaurants where they make their own patties and sauces from scratch using fresh ingredients. When we had our Deliveroo treat I ordered from Honest Burger.

Boy eating cucumber on family night
You can still get healthy options

Listen of course the traditional fast food options are there too and I won’t even begin to pretend that I am some kind of healthy saint…  Sometimes I want fast food and that’s the beauty of Deliveroo all bases are covered in one app.

I also have a very fussy eater who will not eat processed or fried food or indeed anything that might be described traditionally as ‘fast food’ so pre Deliveroo we actually couldn’t really get a takeaway unless we all had pizza.  I would still have to cook for him, but now with Deliveroo I can order freshly made pasta with pesto for him and it is his very favourite meal. 

Quality Service

I have already talked about the information you get as a customer which I think works really well, but the service doesn’t end there.

The drivers we have encountered have been polite and friendly and our food has arrived quickly and in a good condition. I have only positive things to say about the delivery service itself.  You don’t just need to take my word for it either as Deliveroo has just won the Mumsnet Rated badge.

Different Tastes

Hands down the best thing Deliveroo for us, as a large family full of strong opinions is that we can all have something different if we want to.  With that fussy eater I mentioned this is a god send.  No more endless debates on the type of food to order during  family night.

You know the conversations when you wish that you had just cooked as it took so long to agree on what to order for a takeaway and you are sat there eating curry when you wanted mezze.

Well that is a thing of the past; with Deliveroo I just ask everyone what they want.  I might put limits on depending on whether this is a treat meal or a mummy ran out of time meal.  On our Deliveroo treat night the kids and my husband all wanted Pizza so they went with Pizza Express, but I really fancied a burger so I ordered from Honest Burger.  Everyone was super happy!!  It is actually a perfect solution for us as a family because we don’t always want the same thing do, we?

So now lovely readers it is over to you.  What is your favourite thing to order when you take the night off and have a take away? 

Thanks again to Deliveroo for this lovely night off from cooking…

30 thoughts on “A Family Night In with Deliveroo”

  1. This seems like such a great idea, much better than some of the other delivery places which require you to go to each different restaurant app to see what you feel like ordering. So nice it’s in one app and they even give delivery estimates! #DreamTeam

  2. thisiswhereitis at

    I have used Deliverroo before and no it is a great service making eating special so easy to do at home X #dreamteam

    1. It really is a great service and a fab idea. I love that we can eat at home, but still get a treat from our fav restaurants – without needing a babysitter! #DreamTeam

  3. I love Deliveroo! We live in a new build so we struggled for ages to have any food delivered, but now we are officially on the maps and can order until our hearts are content. My guilty pleasure is Five Guys 🙂 #DreamTeam

  4. I am very jelous as some of my favourite restaurants use Deliveroo but sadly we are just beyond the catchment and they have not go to our are yet. Hopefully one day because it is such a great idea. #DreamTeam

  5. Luisa Robertson

    We are a bit far out at present too but I love the idea of being able to get your favourite restaurants to your door!

  6. Deliveroo launched only recently in our town and the service is great but the food seem to be a bit hit and miss. Hopefully, it will improve over time as we are using Deliveroo all the time.

  7. We’ve had some really bad experiences with Deliveroo lately, with food arriving stone cold or leaking, & when you try & complain they’re not interested. We’ve stopped using them as a result #DreamTeam

  8. This sounds like a great app! I use one that only allows us to order from one restaurant at a time. It would be great to have more options. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I used Deliveroo last weekend and was amazed at how good it was. App easy to use, regular updates and order arrived hot and on tune – amazing!!

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