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How to make halloween fun at home

Is Halloween cancelled this year?  I have heard this question a lot recently and I suspect lots of the things we are used to like Trick or Treat or big local celebrations are not going to happen, but it doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled.  We can still make Halloween fun at home.  It might even […]

socially distanced kids birthday ideas

8 Awesome Social Distancing Kids Birthday Ideas

Social Distancing Kids Birthday – is that even possible? We all want some normal back in our lives don’t we?  The lockdown in the UK has been eased, but it will be a while before we are back to the big kids birthday birthday parties we were used to organising for our kids.  Social distancing […]

kids lockdown birthday

13 Awesome Kids Lockdown Birthday Ideas to make it special

Having a kids birthday during lockdown is not ideal.  There is no two ways about it.  There won’t be a birthday party and if you had one booked you will have to cancel it and possibly not get your money back which is what has happened to us; so thanks to that company!  There also […]

pirate food ideas

9 Awesome Pirate Food Ideas

Awesome Pirate Food Ideas for a Kids Party If you are looking for a themed kids party this year where you can easily make fun food then a pirate party could be the answer.  There is loads of fun to be had and it lends itself to being gender neutral too.  After all Pirates can […]

3 Last minute Halloween games for kids

If you kids have just come home from school asking what you are doing for Halloween and you are there like ‘what? since when did we celebrate Halloween’ or thinking ‘OMG I forgot I said I would do games’  then don’t panic I got you!!  Here are 3 last minute halloween games for kids which […]

kids homemade pizza party

How to throw a kids homemade pizza party

Kids birthday parties  can cost a fortune!  One way to save money whilst still creating a great birthday experience for your kids is to throw a homemade version of a party.  We have all four of our kids birthdays within one month so it is super expensive.  I try to do at least one of […]

Kids Party Planning without single use plastic

I am no environmental saint and I often without thinking throw something in the bin when it could be recycled, but I am trying to be less wasteful and one place that I have found it easier to make a change is with single use plastics.    I am about to head into crazy birthday […]

Pirate Party Ideas

If your little one is in to all things Pirate then this is the post for you.  Not only am I sharing all of my pirate party ideas and how I planned it, but I am also giving ideas for you can make your kids pirate party a little bit kinder to the environment.   Now […]

First Birthday Party Planning Ideas

When planning a 1st birthday party it is easy to go crazy and plan all kinds of games and activities that your 1yr old simply can’t even join in with.  I know I did exactly that the first time round.  We had all kinds of things going on including a pinata and a bubble machine.  I […]