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3 Last minute Halloween games for kids

If you kids have just come home from school asking what you are doing for Halloween and you are there like ‘what? since when did we celebrate Halloween’ or thinking ‘OMG I forgot I said I would do games’  then don’t panic I got you!!  Here are 3 last minute halloween games for kids which […]

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kids homemade pizza party

How to throw a kids homemade pizza party

Kids birthday parties  can cost a fortune!  One way to save money whilst still creating a great birthday experience for your kids is to throw a homemade version of a party.  We have all four of our kids birthdays within one month so it is super expensive.  I try to do at least one of […]

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Kids Party Planning without single use plastic

I am no environmental saint and I often without thinking throw something in the bin when it could be recycled, but I am trying to be less wasteful and one place that I have found it easier to make a change is with single use plastics.    I am about to head into crazy birthday […]

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