Last minute Halloween Activties

3 Last minute Halloween games for kids

If you kids have just come home from school asking what you are doing for Halloween and you are there like ‘what? since when did we celebrate Halloween’ or thinking ‘OMG I forgot I said I would do games’  then don’t panic I got you!!  Here are 3 last minute halloween games for kids which are easy to do and use things that lots of us parents have in the pile of craft stuff that we never thought we would have before we had kids…


3 last minute Halloween activities for kids
Easy quick last minute Halloween games

Pin the Boo on the ghost:

This is essentially Pin the Tail on the Donkey only with a ghost as the poor chap getting pinned….  The winner is the child who gets the ‘Boo!’ closest to the ghost’s mouth.  This last minute halloween activity literally takes 5 minutes to put together

All you need is a piece of paper or card or felt as I have used cut into the shape of a friendly ghost.  I have stuck on googly eyes and used black felt to make an oval mouth, but you could just as easily draw these on with a black pen if you are really short on time.

Once you have your ghost you just need something to use as a blindfold and another piece of paper which says BOO! on it.  Pop a bit of blu tack on the back of the ‘BOO!’ and is very much that…

I made my version for a party that we were having so I used thick card and felt, but this is not necessary for kids to have great fun.

Pin the Spider on the web:

This one is again a variation on the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, but my kids love doing that so I know they won’t mind having two.   In this one you create a web with a fly sitting on it and the children use a plastic spider trying to get as close as possible.  This one is great for little kids as they can have more of a chance of doing well since they can easily feel where there is a web and where there is not.

You need a piece of card or thick paper, some wool or string, pva glue and a pen

First you need to make your web.  For this put glue on your piece of card and then wind the wool around the page to make a web shape.  You may need to cut the string/ wool and position it to get a good effect.

pin the spider on the web

If you are in a super rush I wouldn’t even do the wool thing –  you could just draw a web on the page if you had to.

Make a fly…  When I say this I mean draw a fly onto a another piece of paper or card and cut out.  Stick this onto the web and you have the base of your game.

We then blindfold the kids and get them to try to put a plastic spider with blu tack on him onto the web.  The closest to the fly wins.

Fix a skeleton

The third game is my favourite one, but is the most time consuming to make as you need to cut out all the bones…  The idea of this game is to reassemble the skeleton in the fastest time possible.  We do this as a competition so each kid takes a turn and times are recorded to see who has won.  For littler kids you could just do this as a team effort and forget about the timing so the game would just be can they put together a skeleton.

3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Games
3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Games

To play this game you will need to download the below skeleton image or draw your own and cut out each of the pieces. 

Skeleton Template

Each bone will need to have blu tack or reusable sticky velcro on it so that the kids can all have a turn.  Give each child the skeleton pieces before they start their turn and get timing!  If kids are very little you may need to put the picture of the complete skeleton next to them so they can see  what they are trying to create.

I hope you have fun with your last minute Halloween activities and that your find them easy to make.  If you were  looking at this post you might also find this one useful:  Last Minute Halloween Costumes for kids

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  1. I love these and am so glad to see that you’ve not given up on the idea of halloween totally. We can’t trick or treat but we can still have lots of fun with the kids!

  2. I love the pin the spider on the web idea. Very fun! And, as a daddy to five kiddos, I’ll be putting this to good use.

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