Prep Kitchen UK Review 2

Prep Kitchen UK Review

Regular readers will know that since having my twins I have really tried to shift that baby weight (I say baby, but most of it arrived some 8 years ago when I had my eldest child so it is more like post baby weight)  I am also very busy during the week and have often looked for a food delivery service which would actually support my fat loss and healthy eating goals rather than hinder them.  So I was excited when Prep Kitchen UK got in touch and offered to let me try some of their prepared meals.  This is my honest Prep Kitchen UK Review.

Prep Kitchen UK Review


Who are Prep Kitchen UK?

Prep Kitchen are a company who prepare and deliver dishes, beverages and treats that use ingredients derived from natural, sustainable sources which cater for those who are conscious of their diet.  They deliver healthy balanced meals throughout the UK.

How it works

You choose your plan either Fat Loos or Muscle Gain and whether you want to do the Balanced Meals or the Performance Meals. The balanced meals contain 30g+ protein and moderate carbs.  The Performance Meals have an even higher protein content at 40g+ and low or no carbs.

Then you select how many meals you want to buy (the lowest is 4) and whether its a one off or a regular delivery. Once that’s done you choose yours meals and wait of them to be delivered. 

My Experience

I was very kindly sent 10 meals to try out and 2 breakfasts.  I received a selection from the Muscle Gain and Fat Loss meal plans.

The Delivery

The meal box was delivered by DPD which is perfect as you are sent a text message giving you a one hour delivery window.  You can select options for where it can be left if you can’t be there.  The packaging is recyclable and the boxes contain gel packs and foil wraps to make sure that the meals arrive in perfect condition.

The Meals

I can honestly say that they tasted fabulous!!  I got my husband to try some of the meals as well so we could see if thus service would be something that would work for us both.  We were sent a great selection of meals including Chicken Katsu Curry, Goji Berry Breakfast bars, Pasta Bolognese, Gnocchi with Pesto and Coconut Protein Balls.


Prep Kitchen UK Review

The first thing I would say is don’t judge by appearance when you open the box.  This is the Kung Pao Chicken which I really enjoyed.  It is hard to make greens, chicken and rice look beautiful, but at Prep Kitchen UK they certainly know how to make it taste beautiful.  I loved everything that I tried except for the Hake and that is because I am a bit funny with fish.  So that is no reflection on the meals and my husband really liked that one. 

My husband can be quite a fusspot, but he actually liked all of the food he tried.  In fact he was raving about the Katsu Curry.  He was less keen on the Jerk Chicken and we probably wouldn’t order that one again, but its really just down to personal preference as jerk seasoning isn’t our favourite flavour.  That is one of the good things about Prep Kitchen UK;  you make your own choices of meals for the week.  There is lots of choice on the menu so I think it is really easy to find meals that will suit you.

prep kitchen meal

My favourite meal that I tried was the Turkey and Duck Massaman curry.  It is outstanding!!! I don’t have a photo of this meal as I couldn’t wait to tuck in!

Oh and the Goji Berry breakfast bar was delicious too.  It felt like a naughty treat.  The kids were even pestering me for a bite.  I did not share it was too good!!  Actually the Bolognese was pretty awesome too… Overall the experience of trying Prep Kitchen UK meals was super positive.  I enjoyed all the food and could tell that I was eating well.  Check out these pancakes….  I need to order these next time.

Prep Kitchen UK Review Pancakes

Makes life easy

This delivery service makes life so easy.  These meals can be popped in the microwave and be ready in just a few minutes.  I think that is great for busy people who want to be healthy, but are often rushing.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy cooking so I probably wouldn’t use any ready meal delivery service everyday.  But, if you don’t like cooking and want to eat healthy Prep Kitchen UK could be the answer you have been looking for.

For me I think that Prep Kitchen UK is the best meal delivery service that I have tried. I would 100% recommend giving it a go.  My plan is to order some more of these meals. I enjoy cooking from scratch, but the reality is that things can get very busy.  That is when I end up saying to the husband lets just get a takeaway…  These meals can be ready in minutes so there is no excuse for ordering that takeaway. 



My plan is to order 4 meals a week.  That way my husband and I can have one two nights a week.  So twice a week I will get to relax and let Prep Kitchen UK do the work.  My first order will be for that Duck and Turkey Massaman Curry – Yum!!  


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