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11 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms

We all know that when you are a mom**  getting any time for yourself is tricky, but right now it is even harder than ever with kids at home, home schooling and work demands, plus your normal chores all pulling at you from every direction so how can you still take some time for you […]

2021 goals

2021 Goals – why bother?

2021 Goals – Why bother? The start of a new year always seems like a great time to set new goals for yourself doesn’t it?  It feels like the right time to assess where you have gotten to in the previous year and plan a way forward for the next year.  I am not a […]

Inspirational parenting quotes for hard days

27 Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Hard Times

INSPIRATIONAL PARENTING QUOTES FOR HARD TIMES Motherhood can be the toughest job in the world.  We all know it is rewarding too and that we wouldn’t change having our kids for anything, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t lonely and difficult sometimes.  It can be very demanding and draining.  So how do you handle […]

anxiety quotes for overcoming anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety; 23 anxiety quotes to help when things get tough

Overcoming Anxiety;  Anxiety Quotes to help you ease your mind Anxiety has been stealing my time since I was a child; the hours and hours I have wasted worrying and stressing about what might happen are countless.  Before the internet (I know I am old!) there was no real way of accessing inspirational or motivational […]

ease corona virus anxiety

11 Tips to help ease your Corona Virus Anxiety

I have always been anxious about all kinds of things, but after my daughter was sick after birth this really became a problem.  It was no longer something I could control or talk myself out of.  In the past couple of weeks my anxiety has once again gotten out of control.  I know I am […]