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bad behaviour

A mother of a challenge – dealing with bad behaviour

Last week was a parenting minefield for us and really has been a mother of a challenge.  It was challenging for both of us, but because I am the one at home most of the time I bore the brunt of dealing with some bad behaviour from all of the kids.  It was a long […]

kids friendly snack ideas

After School Snack

Does anyone else have children who come out of school and simply say ‘Snack’?  This is my reality.  I watch other children run to cuddle their mothers and exclaim how much they have missed them or simply start to babble about their day. My littles run to cuddle me too, but I think it might […]

Wash my mouth out – things toddlers say

I must must must remember to think before I speak.  This is a lesson my parents have been trying to teach me since I was a child myself and it is one I clearly have not learnt… I consistently forget that there are little ears listening and copying everything I say.  So now I have […]

Hidden Vegetable Tomato Sauce and 7 other recipes

At some point all children seem to go through an ‘I hate vegetable phase’.  If you are responsible for cooking for kids, are in that place and need a solution this easy hidden vegetable tomato sauce is the answer.   One of my son’s has a ‘hate’ food list and it gets longer, seemingly, by the […]

A list of Things I said I would never say to my children

6 things I said I would never say to my children

Before I had children of my own I would watch other parents, including my own, and be entirely convinced that there were things I would never say to my children.  Yesterday as I told one of the twins to eat because there were children starving in the world I realised I have blown it!  I […]

Communicating with Boys

As a mummy to boys for nearly seven years and a wife for nearly 10 years you’d think I might have some clue about communicating with boys. Yet I struggle every day.  I am entirely convinced that boys and girls communicate differently.  Before anyone gets all cross about this it doesn’t mean that I only talk to my […]

double buggy user

Lament of a Double Buggy User

An open letter from a Double Buggy User To my fellow humans I confess I am a double buggy user and this is an open letter to you all to apologise for the amount of space it takes up.  This is the lament of a double buggy user and a plea to you, my fellow […]