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Lament of a Double Buggy User

An open letter from a Double Buggy User

To my fellow humans

I confess I am a double buggy user and this is an open letter to you all to apologise for the amount of space it takes up.  This is the lament of a double buggy user and a plea to you, my fellow humans, to give me a break!!

I know the buggy is big and I am sorry that it is inconvenient in supermarkets and perhaps means you have to wait a nano second before you can get past and grab your milk, but I am not pushing it just to ruin your day.  If you look inside I have twins, they are too little to walk all day and too big to both be carried so please just be patient I will move out of your way just as soon as I can negotiate around the various obstacles.

Twins in a double buggy

To those walking behind us I know it can be annoying, but if I am walking slow this isn’t because I am lazy or because I am trying to get in your way it’s because this buggy, plus two toddlers is bloody heavy and it’s hard work to push sometimes.  My back and shoulders often really hurt and in case you haven’t noticed I am also cajoling two other young children; this all takes time and sometimes a monumental physical effort.   I am not sweating because I have the plague it is because I am broken pushing this thing up hill.  So if you find yourself stuck behind me there is no need to tut or huff and puff.  You need just say excuse me and I will stop and let you by or better still get over yourself and thank your lucky stars you don’t have to push it.

On the flip side if I come up behind you quite quickly and say excuse me, please do move over.  I am not trying to ram you or remove your ankles, but chances are, if I am running pushing that juggernaut, that you also recently saw two little boys come flying past on scooters. They are mine too and I am now chasing them so please let me past in order that I can get to the cheeky little loons!  Also, as an aside, if I am screaming STOP it’s probably not at you, but again sorry if I give you a fright.

Finally to the man who told me my double buggy was too big you are an ass and should be ashamed of yourself for blocking the pavement and saying this to someone.  I can’t help needing a double buggy, but you could have moved your tatty carpets to the side.  I’m fairly sure you aren’t allowed to be putting them on the pavement anyway – it’s not a sales showroom.

Double Buggy UserCopy of The Lament of a Double Buggy User

Now to my part of the bargain as a double buggy user

I will try to be as considerate as possible when pushing this huge buggy. I will say thank you whenever someone lets me pass. I will appreciate any offer of help and I will smile sweetly every time someone says ‘you have your hands full’ even if it’s the 30th time that day.  So in short please listen to the lament of the double buggy user and be kind. If you can’t be kind to us just please don’t comment.  I am teetering on the edge people….  I know it’s big, I know it takes up space and believe me it will be retired as soon as possible.  For now though please understand that we can’t stay at home just because we use more than our fair share of space in a coffee shop.  Trust me if you need a double buggy you need coffee!!

Respectfully yours

A harassed mama x

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5 thoughts on “Lament of a Double Buggy User”

  1. It’s so frustrating dealing with impatient, unreasonable people! As if you’d be pushing around a big buggy just for fun. Ah well! Loved this post!

  2. I’m sooooo glad that I no longer need our double buggy! There’s only 18 months between my youngest two, so I was the harassed mum trying to push the tank of a buggy one handed while holding onto my four year old’s hand to cross roads etc. A little help or patience is definitely welcomed…an audiable tut is not! #DreamTeam

    1. Oh I hear you!! That was my life… The funniest were the looks that I used to get when the twins were first born. I would be holding the four year olds hand, pushing one twin and a 2 year old and carrying the other twin in a baby carrier – what a sight ha ha

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