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At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Professional Teeth Whitening – At Home!

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Before I had my children, I never drank caffeine and I don’t like red wine so I didn’t really think the colour of my teeth was an issue, but since they came along, I have become a coffee addict and I have really started to notice a shift in the tone.  So, I am excited to share with you how I have been combating those stains on my teeth.  Smile Brilliant!!  

Smile Brilliant offer teeth whitening kits which gives you flexible professional teeth whitening at home and for a much lower cost than dentist-based systems. I was recently sent a kit by the people at Smile Brilliant to test and review for you all.  All opinions are my own and the only thing that Smile Brilliant asked me to do was not edit or touch up my photos.  They wanted honest reflections of the results which really encouraged me to get involved.  Keep reading to find out how it all works and see my before and after photos.

Teeth Whitening

What you get in the kit

The kit I have been using is the Sensitive System and it contained whitening syringes, desensitizing syringes and two pots of each of the pastes needed to make you’re the molds for your custom teeth whitening trays.  In addition, it includes easy to follow, step by step instructions for each stage of the process.

Making the impressions

The first thing you need to do is create the molds for your custom teeth whitening trays. To do this you need to mix one of the catalyst pastes and one of the base pastes to create the putty. Then you spread it out onto the tray and press it up to your upper teeth, hold it there for two and half minutes, remove it, and then repeat for your lower teeth.   I was glad that they included enough of the paste to do this process twice as it totally took the pressure off!  In fact it wasn’t hard to do as the instructions are very clear, but I was concerned that I might mess it up so having a back up right there was perfect.

After you have done both you need to leave the impressions for 30 minutes, rinse them with water, let them dry and then simply shop them back to Smile Brilliant.  They then work their magic and send your back your final trays.

I really liked the fact that you get your own custom teeth whitening trays as they your teeth perfectly so are comfortable to wear.  This also means that they can whitening your whole smile and get into those nooks and cranny’s.  I have one tooth that has moved since I had my children (next on my list to sort out!), but with custom trays I didn’t need to worry about this

Once you have your custom teeth whitening trays, it is time to whiten that smile! 

I typically got around 4 treatments out of each syringe and Smile Brilliant say it usually takes between 7 and 12 treatments total. 

Teeth Whitening

How to whiten

After brushing your teeth with just water you dry your teeth, put a thin line of the whitening gel inside your trays along the front and insert the trays.   The first time I used them it felt odd having them in my mouth although perfectly comfortable, but after a couple of goes I was used to the feeling and could have walked around in them all day.  Smile Brilliant recommend a treatment time of between 45 minutes and 3 hours depending on your sensitivity. 

After the time is up, you rinse your mouth and the trays, brush your teeth with toothpaste, dry your trays and then reload them with the desensitizing gel into them now. The desensitizing treatment has to be worn for 15 to 20 minutes and once done you just spit out the excess; no need to brush again. 

Teeth Whitening

My Whitening experiences

You can do the treatments at any time of day and I have done it during the day whilst working, done the school run with them in, but my favourite time of day to do my teeth whitening is in the evening as part of my nightly skin care routine.  So, I would put my trays in and then remove make up and get ready for bed.  Smile Brilliant do say that best time to do the whitening process is right before bed as then your teeth have overnight to re-hydrate and this can help with any sensitivity.

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In the literature I received with the kit it did explain that you may experience some sensitivity (you can read more about why this happens on the Smile Brilliant website) and I did experience this.  For me the sensitivity only came when I was actually doing the teeth whitening. Meaning there were no issues with eating hot or cold or anything, but it did mean that I had to take a few days off in between whitening sessions.  For me the sensitivity only came when I was actually doing the teeth whitening.  Meaning there were no issues with eating hot or cold or anything, but it did mean that I had to take a few days off in between whitening sessions. 

So far, I have done 6 teeth whitening sessions and do plan to do a few more so I do expect to see further results, but considering I have had to take some breaks in between the teeth whitening sessions I am pleased with the results.  I definitely see a brightness in my teeth that wasn’t there before and they are certainly whiter.

Teeth Whitening at home: Does it work?


The price for this sensitive kit is $139. Within the US return postage for the impressions in included, but from outside the US you would need to cover this cost.  From the UK this cost £23 using UPS. 

I haven’t used a teeth whitening kit before so I have no comparison, but my experience using this one has been really positive.  What I especially loved was that I now have my custom whitening trays which I can keep and then the next time I feel like I need to whiten I can simply buy some more of the products from Smile Brilliant.  I also really appreciated being able to do this at home and around my busy mummy life.  There is no way with two little girls at home that I could do in dentist whitening at this point so at home whitening is definitely the way forward for me. I am loving my whiter smile!



Smile Brilliant kindly sent me this kit for review and they are also going to give a $149 Smile Brilliant credit to one lucky reader so you can get your own kit!  The giveaway will be open for 1-2 weeks and open to those resident in the  USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

The giveaway is being hosted and administered by Smile Brilliant. Terms and conditions can be found on the Smile Brilliant website.

If you want a chance to try at home teeth whitening then all you have to do is fill out the entry form here:

Do follow both Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant) and me (@navigatingbaby) on Instagram and tag/share with your friends to give them a chance to win this great prize!

If you are just itching to get started you can use this discount code ‘’navigatingbaby15’’ to get a 15% off your Smile Brilliant purchase.

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  1. A good white teeth always boost your confidence whenever you meet someone, as you can smile with more confidence as you don’t have worry about your yellow teeth. The products you have shared for teeth whitening at home looks amazing, definitely worth a shot.

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