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Baked In Baking Club Subscription Box

The Baking Club is a baking subscription box that you get on a monthly basis with a new recipe, all the dry ingredients you need and other handy bits.   I was gifted a box to try out and review, but these are all my genuine opinions based on my experience of the Baking Club from Baked In.

Baked in Baking Club

Each recipe is reviewed and approved by Michel Roux and so as you can imagine they are delicious.  I was thinking, before I got the box, that this might mean the recipes were quite difficult or complex, but that is just not the case.  The cake I made looked pretty impressive on the recipe card and I know I wouldn’t have attempted a toffee sauce on my own, but the recipe cards that come in the monthly baking box are so easy to follow that I immediately felt like I could do it.  Now I am not going to pretend that mine ended up looking like the one in the picture, but that was undoubtedly human error – more later…

This baking subscription box makes baking so easy it is great.  I love to bake, but I always come up with the idea of baking something and then realise that I haven’t got half of the ingredients so I either bodge it and end up with a less than perfect end result or I just abandon ship.  So the idea of a box which not only includes the recipes really appealed to me and I was super keen to get involved and work with Baked In to try and review the box.  I mean the the ingredients are even already perfectly weighed out – amazing right?!  

So what do you get in the box:

In each monthly book the members of the Baking Club will receive:

  • A recipe card with clear step by step instructions (written and photographic)
  • Perfectly weighed out dry ingredients
  • Details of the wet ingredients that you need with measurements 
  • Extras that make life easier such as in my box I had the grease proof paper circles to line the cake tins, a skewer to test whether the cake was done and a card to help measure out butter that also shows weights and measures conversions.  I am a bit in love with that card!

You can see me opening the box and what the kit looks like on this youtube video:

How did we get on:

Our recipe box was for a Sticky Toffee Drip cake.  I knew from looking at it that it would be a major hit with the husband so I was excited to get going.  I had thought that since the recipe was a bit more grown up that I would do this as something for me; so that I would make it on my own.  However, my eldest son had other ideas and actually it ended up being really fun doing this with him.  He is 7 and he was totally able to understand the instructions and he basically took over with making the cake up to the point where it went in the oven.  That just goes to show you how well written the instructions are and how clear it is.  He knew exactly what to do and the fact that the ingredients even have numbers on them means that you don’t even need to know what is in the packets.  

baking boy

I made some mistakes with the cake, but that was for sure me and not the kit. It quite clearly said the size of the cake tins, but I didn’t actually check that in advance and only realised when I went to put the grease-proof paper in the cake tins.  It was totally fine though I just watched the cakes a bit more carefully in the oven as they were thinner than intended so I thought they might need less cooking time.  It didn’t affect the taste though and that was pretty special!  I am also a very inpatient person so I also didn’t wait quite long enough for the toffee sauce to cool – again ignoring the very clear instructions!  I am not sure why I didn’t wait as it didn’t even take that long.  This meant that my sauce slightly melted the buttercream and so it slide off the cake a bit.  This just means that mine didn’t look quite as pretty as the picture, but I have the recipe to keep and I will for sure be trying it again and this time I will be a good girl and follow the instructions.  I still think it looked good though and they do say the proof is in the pudding….

Baked in cakes

How much does it cost?

You can sign up on a monthly (no obligation basis), for 3 months or for 6 months and you can buy the subscriptions as gifts which is great for the baker in your life this Christmas.  The subscriptions start from £7 per month for the 6 month package.   FIND OUT MORE OR SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE

What was the verdict?

As I expected the husband was thrilled with the idea of this cake and he has frankly eaten most of it.  He loved it!  It was so moist and delicious in a way that I must admit my cakes usually are not!  I also thought it was really nice and the toffee sauce was a wow for me.  The best praise came from my eldest son, who helped make it and said when he tasted it that it was the best thing that he had ever eaten.  


I thought the Baked in cakes subscription box was a great idea to enable a home baker to try a new idea and perhaps ingredients that they hadn’t used before without having to buy a huge packet of something you may never need it.  It is also baking made easy.  I definitely learn some new baking skills and think the cake turned out really well even in spite of my input!  It was also really great to see that my son was able to follow the instructions and really get involved as that adds another dimension to this subscription box.  I can either make the bakes alone as a bit of relaxation or do it with my child.  Every bit of the cake is gone and that has got to be a thumbs up from us.  

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