Beauty Tips for busy moms

Quick Beauty Tips for Busy Mums

Quick Beauty-Boosting Tips for Busy Mums

Only another mum can understand how little time you really have for yourself once you have children. Although it is extremely difficult, you need to find a moment for yourself.   Self care and taking time for you is vital for your mental health apart from anything else.  Let’s also remember that these littles will grow up and we will be left with our face to look at so we want it to still look half decent don’t we?  I have virtually no time for a beauty routine, but have found that you don’t need loads of time. A little can go a long way and enable you to shine. Take a look at these quick beauty tips for busy mums.  POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS

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1.      The Importance of Having a Skincare Routine

Do you know where the ageing effects show first? If you said your face, you guessed it right. So is hardly surprising that there are hundreds of different products to combat ageing, including anti-aging eye creams, moisturisers, and so on. 

You need to make sure to establish a regular skin care routine that you use everyday. You need to find products that suit your skin, are applied daily and utilise their power. Keep in mind that there is a difference between products to be used in the morning and in the evening, but pretty much any hydrating cream will give a lift to a dull complexion.

Be practical though;  if you only have two minutes don’t buy enough creams for to keep the whole Kardashian clan looking 12 forever! 

You might want to make the time to do some long beauty routine, but I guarantee it will be the first thing to slide when your little is pestering you to do something so be realistic.  I have one cream that I always use everyday as a base and then others that I use as and when I have the time.

2.      Skincare – Hydration and Refreshment

Moisturizing plays a crucial role in keeping the appearance of your skin youthful. It is the foundation of your skincare and something to keep in mind every day. You will find numerous creams and other products with hydrating effects and ingredients that secure extra moisture to your skin. For me this is the most vital bit.  My skin for sure looks a hundred times better when it is moisturised.  Make sure to utilise a hydration cream on a daily basis and you will quickly notice the effect of using it.

3.      Enjoy the Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil might not be the healthiest option for cooking according to some, but when it comes to cosmetics, it can have multiple benefits. For starters, it has moisturising properties and women around the world often use it as a beauty treatment for their hair.

It can have impressive conditioning effects and is recommended to be applied every night. So, before you head to bed, take a couple of seconds to massage some coconut oil into your hair. When you wake up in the morning, you will notice that your hair is shiny and incredibly soft. 

You might also think about using a silk pillow case or head wrap which help to stop your hair from breaking overnight and aid the shine.  I keep meaning to buy one as my hairdresser swears by them.  This is a super quick beauty tip for busy mums as you can do it whilst you are asleep!


4.      Take Advantage of Ponytails

Do you have long hair? If the answer is yes, an amazing beauty hack can be the simplest one – tying your hair into a ponytail. Ponytails are simple to do and do not take more than a minute of your time.

Alternatively, you can might consider wearing a hairbands. Not only these are useful for hiding the sins of not having washed your hair that morning, but they also help not to have your hair in your face all the time.  If you get a nice one they also look stylish and can be a great addition to your outfit.

When you get the chance to visit the local stores, I am sure you can find numerous different headbands, ponytail wraps, and hair clips there. If you get a bit creative, headbands can also look good on short hair and don’t neglect the idea of wearing a hat ladies;  they can be super stylish and cover a multitude of sins.

5.      Make those cheeks glow

Ill bet that you don’t have time to spend an age doing a make up look in the mornings as you are probably, like me, too busy reminding kids to eat, clean teeth and get dressed. If you can get away with no make up and still feel good about you then lucky you.  I like to have a bit of slap on.  If you are like me here is a quick hack that I am sure you will love. 


Invest in a good lippie and a highlighter for the cheeks.  Have you ever wondered why young girls look so fresh?  It is because their faces have a sheen about them particularly on the cheeks.  This is a natural thing that goes as we get older, but fear not with a good highlighter you can get that dewy look in a mere second.  That and a bit of lippie and you will look healthy and be ready to walk out the door.  It will take under a minute and I know it makes me feel a whole lot better. 

6.      Don’t Wash Your Hair Often

The experts say that the hair washing requirements vary from one person to another and depend on many factors. However, many women resort to washing their hair everyday even though that is not necessary for their hair. The solution is to check out the condition of your hair in the mirror – if it does need washing you make the time to wash it.  Otherwise, consider skipping that routine today. The truth is that you do not have to wash your hair every single day.  My hair only needs washing once every 2-3 days and if I do it more frequently it looks worse. Consider asking your hairdresser about the ideal routine for your hair the next time you visit them.

7.      Focus on the Accessories

On some days, you will have to rush out without having enough time to make your manicure perfect or go through the entire morning skincare routine. On those days, you need to know how to make the most out of your accessories.  They are your friends!

We are sure that you have plenty of jewellery pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, and sunglasses. Utilise them in a way to attract attention to them and divert it from whatever it is that is making you feel not quite up to par. In essence, pretty much anything that is eye-catching will do, but plenty of jewellery around the neck along with sunglasses are a great combination.  

8.      Ice Has a Soothing Effect You Shouldn’t Neglect

Do you notice a puffiness of your skin under the eyes? Is your face dealing with redness and swelling that you would like to remove? If so here is a simple trick that can really work – ice. The idea is to help your tissues to strengthen with the cold. On top of that, ice can also soothe your skin and help you to get rid of imperfections

Final Note

It is not easy being a mum as kids are always your number one priority even when it means you do not have a single minute to yourself on a daily basis. Over time, you will learn how to find a couple of minutes here and there to boost your appearance and it really can help you to feel better about you.  If you are in the midst of proper baby time then things will get easier and you will once again get time for you.  I promise!!  

It doesn’t take a lot of time to do wonders for your beauty if you just know how to maximise the invested time and effort. You can steer clear from fine lines and wrinkles as long as you do the right things every day.  Remember though beauty is only skin deep as they say and if you don’t give a shit about this stuff then you go girl!  Do what makes you happy.  For me self care involves being well turned out and remembering to brush my hair.  I like to make an effort and do my makeup so this stuff matters to me and without making the time to do it I would feel a bit less like me and only like mummy.


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