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Balmonds Skin Salvation and Hand Cream

Skin Salvation… that is what this busy mummy has been in need of especially during 2020!  I am sure I am not alone when I tell you that my hands resemble those of a woman twice my age since Covid-19 meant that I have been washing my hands 3 zillion times  a day.  Since the start of this year I have been looking for skin salvation and have tried various hand creams and salves to try and fix the old lady hands… 


Recently Balmonds offered to send me their Skin Salvation product and their intensive hand cream.  I have been using them for over a month now and here is my verdict…


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Skin Salvation

Who are Balmonds?

Balmonds was born out of necessity.  It’s founder Natalie Balmond felt she was lacking safe, effective  and non-steroidal emollients for her family so she made them herself.  These days they offer a complete range of natural, ethical and highly effective products that are made in the UK in Brighton and their brands and values are all about honesty, transparency and delivering tranformative results without using questionable ingredients.

These are all values I know I can get behind, but what are the products they sell and do they work?

Balmonds Products

They have a great range of products which are true to their starting point and are natural emolients for those with eczema and other chronic skin conditions in fact they offer specialist products for  all of the following;

Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Scars & skin markings, Seborrheic Dematitis & Scalp, Topical Steroid Withdrawal

But, they also cover the full range of skincare from top to toe.  There is shampoo, hand cream, body lotion, bath oil, cooling lotion the works.  It really is skin salvation city. Don’t forget we have a discount code for you…

Products that I was gifted

For the purposes of review I was sent an Intensive Hand Cream and Skin Salvation.  As always on my site the thoughts I give are my own and to be very clear Balmonds have not had any control over this review.

Skin Salvation

This is a product that I have actually bought and used before so it wasn’t new to me when Balmonds offered to let me try it out.  I originally bought this product for one of my children who had eczema when he was a toddler and now gets just the slightest bit behind his knee.  So he certainly doesn’t need strong creams or toxic chemicals, but sometimes it gets irritating for him and so I use Skin Salvation when he gets those flare ups just to give him relief from the irritation and re-hydrate the area.  I hadn’t ever used it on my skin before though as I just thought their products were for eczema, but I was wrong.

Balmonds describe this products as a one-stop balm for every little skin emergency and that it covers all your skin needs.  Its a big shout, but I think they might be right…  So far in the past month I have use Skin Salvation for so many things. 

I have had acne and hormonal breakouts since I was a teenager.  I thought in my forties this would be a thing of the past, but oh no… now I get hormonal breakouts and have wrinkles.  It is not ideal!! 

Now I won’t even begin to suggest that Skin Salvation has fixed this, but what it has done when I have used it is eased the itchiness of the breakouts as they heal.  I also tend to get very dry skin around the areas of the acne and I have found that Skin Salvation has helped with this.  I feel like it heals more quickly, but that isn’t hugely unscientific I know!!

The place where I am sure that Skin Salvation has made a huge difference to me and my skin is with dryness.  Since lockdown began I don’t why, but I have been getting random dry patches.  Perhaps it is stress or being at home more I don’t know, but they are an annoying part of my new reality.  I have terrible dry patches on my neck, on my left temple and so randomly on my ear lobe… 

The patch on my ear lobe itchy and quite often has then been sore as the skin has cracked.  That is where skin salvation has come to my rescue.  It instantly soothes the area and makes it feel so much smoother. The biggest change for me though is the reduction in the itching which makes me touch it less, reduces the cracking and so of course helps with the healing.  I am not going to be without this product in my skincare kit  from now on.  I actually can’t recommend it highly enough.

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

I have never really been a hand cream user until 2020.  It just never felt necessary to me and now that crazy levels of hand washing are upon us all I actually can’t get enough hand cream.  I have tried several brands recently from supermarket own to leading brands and then I was offered the Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream and I am convinced.

The main thing I like about the Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream are that it feels special.  That might sound slightly crackers, but it is really creamy so it feels luxurious.  This is not a cheap hand cream retailing at £10.99 for 50ml, but you don’t need to use much each time to cover your hands and so it lasts for ages.   I found I am using maybe one pea sized amount for each hand.  I have been using it for a month now and I use more than once a day and it is still going strong.

As I say it is very creamy and thick, but it absorbs into your skin immediately and isn’t at all greasy which is something that has always bugged me about hand creams and perhaps why I haven’t really used them before… 

I really don’t feel any of that greasiness when using the Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream.  My hands feel soft again, despite all the antibacterial I am using and they are starting to look better too.  I love it.  In fact I loved it so much I bought one for all the staff members at my kids school along with a hand sanitiser as honestly their hands must have been destroyed with the amount that they have to hand wash these days.  


Now it is your turn to find your Skin Salvation…

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Also just so you know Balmonds are members of the NHS Staff Benefits programme and offer a 30% discount.   You need to sign up for the NHS benefits scheme to take advantage of this one.

14 thoughts on “Balmonds Skin Salvation and Hand Cream”

  1. This sounds like an amazing product. And I know… no one ever tells you when you’re a teen, “Just wait till you have wrinkles AND break outs!”

  2. Sounds great! I know, this constant washing and messing around with disinfectants has taken its toll on our skin. I usually just rub some left over coconut oil or rapeseed oil into my hands when cooking, seems to do the trick for me… #dreameamlinky

  3. We are always on the look out for that extra special hand cream so I totally get when you say the Balmonds is special.
    I always carry hand cream with me, if I forget it I have to either go back home to get it or find the nearest shop to buy a new one x x #DreamTeamLinky

  4. Never looked at Balmonds before. I too get annoyed with greasy hand creams so I rarely use them. But now I’m in my mid 40’s and with all the Covid handwashing, my hands are gopping.

  5. This is handy review for hand cream especially with increased hand washing and looking after your skin is really important x #dreamteam

  6. Shelley Whittaker

    Like you, my hands have been absolutely AWFUL due to all the Covid-19 hand washing. My husbands poor hands were even cracked and bleeding 🙁 I will have to keep an eye out for this product as there is nothing better than an amazing hand cream. #DreamTeamLinky

  7. This looks so good Kirsty! And thank you for the voucher code. I think most of us have hands that have suffered over the last few months and this looks like the perfect remedy. #DreamTeamLinky

  8. My skin was SO dry at the start of lockdown that we all started using hand cream regularly for the first time too – this brand sounds fab #DreamTeamLinky

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