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Choc Chick Raw Chocolate Treats #Blogtober18 Day 17

It is #chocolateweek and I am all in.  Any excuse right!  Luckily Choc Chick Raw Chocolates have just launched two new products;  Plantain Bites and Quinoa Pops and they sent me some to try.   There is nothing I enjoy more than chocolate arriving in the post so I was more than happy to give them a taste and I am not sharing with the kids!!

Choc Chick Raw Chocolate Treats

I am a big fan of raw chocolate and have already bought their raw cacao powder hot chocolate which my kids and I love so I was really excited to try these new snacks.  This post contains affiliate links:

I have been waiting to try these raw chocolate treats for about a week, but we have had sick kids, hospital visits, middle of the night A&E visits and the usual craziness of the school run.  To say I have been tired would be an understatement.  Today we finally seem to be back on an evening keel so I thought I would take a bit of time for me and sit and try my chocolates.  I did a you tube video of the grand opening and taste so check it out:

I was sent two different snacks to try:  Plantain Bites and Quinoa Pops.  Both of which are Vegan, made from completely natural ingredients and free from pesticide, palm oil, dairy, gluten and soya.  I must admit I was more keen to try the Quinoa pops as I don’t really like Plantain and I did prefer the Quinoa ones, but actually I was pleasantly surprised by the plantain.  The combination of the two flavours was really successful and I really liked them.  The Quinoa Pops however, I loved!  Quinoa doesn’t really taste of much (in my humble opinion), I like it, but it just doesn’t have a super strong flavour for me.  When it is popped in this way it becomes crunchy and the combination of the crunch and the slight bitterness and tang of raw chocolate is a match made in heaven for sure.  I am definitely adding these to my shopping list.  I think if you like sweet snacks then the Plantain Bites would suit you better and also if raw chocolate is new to you this is more of a gentle introduction as I think the Plantain does temper the strength of the chocolate.  I love the raw chocolate taste so for me it is Quinoa Bites all the way.

I am wondering if this counts as a healthy snack.  What do you reckon?  I am going to say ‘yes’ especially during #chocolateweek so I am going to indulge!!


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