Joie Aire Twin Review 1

Joie Aire Twin Review

Joie Aire Twin Review


Having twin girls and having had two boys under two before that I have had a lot of double buggies so I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on what is important and what isn’t.  With that in mind I thought I would share my thoughts on the Joie Aire Twin Buggy.  I had this double stroller for around a year and used it everyday during that time so I got a good feel for it.  So here it is read on to find out the good and the bad about this buggy in my Joie Aire Twin review.

Joie Aire Twin Review
Is the Joie Aire Twin Buggy as good as it seems?

Why did we choose the Joie Aire Twin Double Buggy?

Originally this buggy caught my eye as it was so light.  It only weighs 12kg.  At the time we bought it it was the lightest double buggy on the market in the UK.  There are lighter models available as I write this in 2020 and I have also tried the Mountain Buggy Duo Nano which is even lighter. The other thing that was initially attractive about the Joie Aire twin was the price.  It is around £120 which is amazing value for a double buggy or at least it is if it is a good quality…

Is the Joie Aire Twin easy to push?

This buggy is really easy to push.  It does feel very light and easy to move on flat ground.  We live in London so I have used it mostly on the pavements, but it also did fine going across grass when we went to the park.  I will say that as the wheels on this buggy are small you do have to lift it up kerbs.  It can’t be bumped up a kerb like some of the buggies with the air filled larger wheels.  This does make it a little bit harder on the back especially with twin toddlers in it, but the advantage of having non air filled tyres is that there are no punctures!

I have also had a buggy with air filled tyres and when you get a puncture they are impossible to move so for me I am happy to live with having to lift a buggy up the kerbs. I think in a city not having air in tyres is better.

How does it fold?

The Joie Aire Twin Buggy folds in the middle.  So when it is folded down it is literally half the size.  The fold is one handed and really is very easy.  It stands up independently once it is folded which is great for storage in a hallway or within a cupboard.  For me folding in this way is also great for the boot of a car as it can be laid flat in the bottom of the boot and then you can still put other items on top.

How big is the Joie Aire Twin?

This double buggy is pretty narrow at only 75cms wide. It isn’t so narrow that your kids will be squashed though.  I pushed two 2.5yr olds around in it and they are tall for their age.  They were completely comfortable, but the buggy is narrow enough that I could fit it through shops  door ways and on narrow pavements.  I never found somewhere  that we couldn’t go because of this buggy which certainly has not been the case with all of the double buggies we have had.

What are the best things about the Joie Aire Twin Buggy?

  1. The Joie Aire Twin buggy weighs only 12kg and is easy to push
  2. It folds in the middle and stands independently when folded
  3. The basket underneath is HUGE!  This might be my favourite thing about it.  There is no need to hang stuff on the buggy as everything you might need to bring or your shopping fits underneath the buggy.  It is so practical.
  4. Size wise it is great for city living as it fits through all shop door ways and on narrow pavements.  The basket underneath the Joie double buggy is also huge so no need to hang anything on the back. I really like this buggy and at only around £150 it is a bargain option, but it does have negatives.
  5. There are viewing windows on the sun canopy which are great if you are trying to get them off to sleep
  6. The price point is great and the buggy performs really well considering the price
  7. It looks nice and comes with reversible seat liners which are great for any spillages when you are on a day out
  8. The seats recline independently which is perfect when the kids want to nap at different times and they have separate hoods too so they don’t have to decide as a unit what they want to do.


What are the negative points on the Joie Aire twin stroller?

  1. The wheels on this buggy are very small and you have to lift it up and down kerbs. 
  2. It does feel a bit rickety if I am honest and doesn’t manoeuvre quite as easily as some of the other double strollers I have had
  3. The other issue I have is with the break. I have found that you physically need to check check that the mechanism is properly lined up for the break to work which is not ideal! Sometimes it just doesn’t click into place so you think the break is on, but it isn’t…
  4. There is no physical division between the two seats and this allows wars about whose space is whose which can be very annoying for mummy!

Joie Aire Twin Review

Final Verdict on the Joie Aire Twin Buggy

Overall I would recommend this buggy.  I think for its price it is great and it totally does the job.  If I were buying another double buggy tomorrow I would be more than happy to have this buggy again.  There are great accessories available for it such as foot muffs and rain covers and these are also very reasonable prices.  Honestly for the price point I think the Joie Aire Twin is a fantastic double buggy.  In fact the only reason I changed it was because an even lighter one came onto the market and my girls are tall for their age so the lighter the buggy the better.


I have used lots of double strollers over the years so click here to find out what I thought about other double buggies here

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  3. Love how you review honestly and openly. Funnily enough I was only talking to my youngest (now aged 14!) about the double buggy I used for him and his sister. Obviously he does not remember but I do! Like a tank and built up arm muscles! #DreamTeam

    1. Have you looked at the GB pocket? It folds small enough to fit in a large shopper. Not sure whether it’s any good for newborns but wow it’s convenient

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