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Mountain Buggy Nano Duo – A user review

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Review

When I started to see Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Reviews on a twins club facebook site I knew two things; I needed that buggy more than I need pretty shoes and that is a lot and I needed to get out more as it cannot be normal to be that excited about a new buggy!

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Anyway, after a bit of searching to find a local mountain buggy stockist I went off to see it and was sold! Before I start my Mountain Buggy Nano review proper let me just say I love this buggy!!! It has made my life a lot easier as the mother of twins and two young boys as it is just so light. By the way this review is just me as a user telling you honestly what I think.  I bought the buggy myself.   As always with my reviews I will give you the good and the bad. 

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The Design

The design of this buggy is very simple and sleek.  There is little to love or hate really.  You can get some cool colours on the hood, but I stuck to black, as whilst I loved the yellow I just felt like it would get dirty so very quickly and I didn’t want to be cleaning it all the time.  I have discovered since having it that the fabric used on the hood is slightly textured so that stains don’t cling and it is very easy to clean so perhaps the coloured hoods wouldn’t be a pain.

Another slight peeve with the design is in the basket.  It is a good size and will take 8kgs which is more than enough to fit in all the baby essentials and some shopping…  But, the back of the basket has nothing to prevent things falling out.  The basket is sunken so this does help, but it isn’t enough.  I have had things fall out on the street whilst walking along or when tipping the buggy to go up a kerb.  This is annoying, but it does also mean it is easy to access the things under the buggy so maybe swings and roundabouts. 

A great design feature is that the underneath basket can also be accessed from the front easily which means you are able to use the full capacity of the basket.

Finally, another small design flaw is the carry strap, which is at the back of the basket and often falls out so it is dragging on the floor.  This doesn’t affect usability, but after a while I am sure will damage that strap so I end up tucking it in a lot.  I think a popper or Velcro to enable this to be secured when not in use as a carry strap would solve the problem.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Dimensions and Weight

OMG!!  This is amazing.  We previously had the Joie Aire Twin, which is also a light buggy, but the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo is something else.  Wait for this….  The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo weight is only 9kgs (20lbs).  This makes such a difference when pushing up hill!  I have found since having twins that double buggies tend to get very heavy having two children of the same size in them.  Before with my boys of different ages it was so much easier as the combined weight was much lower, but with toddler twins (who happen to be on the 91st centile for height) the weight of a buggy is really important. 

It is also very easy to lift in and out of the car if you need to and if I lived in a flat for example where I had to walk up stairs this would also be my top choice of buggy.  I find that it is perfect for moving around London too as when we get to any stairs I just ask the girls to get out and walk down and I can lift it and be down the stairs just as quickly as them.

The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo width is 73cm and I am yet to find somewhere that we can’t go.  This makes the buggy perfect for city living, but equally it is fine going over uneven ground and grass is flexible.  I believe this it slightly wider than the Mountain Buggy Duet, but the whole buggy is that width so it is very easy to judge whether you can fit. This buggy has made life more accessible!  I have had no problem with it in a busy part of London.  This was not the case with previous buggies.

How to fold Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

This bit I am not so keen on.  Once it is folded – great, but getting it there….  I am not convinced. The idea of how it folds back on itself so its smaller is ingenious.  In practice it is not that easy to do.  You have to hold in two buttons at the side to flip the back down – that is easy, but then the buggy folds forwards onto itself and this is tricky. 

I have had this buggy for months now and I still struggle sometimes.  I am no buggy novice so I really think that this would be something for mountain buggy to work on.  You have to squeeze the sides of the buggy together to release the fold mechanism and I just find this awkward. In their video they have a man doing this and he looked to me to be around 6ft tall so clearly has longer arms than me at 5’7.   I am sure it would be easier to do if you had longer arms. 

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo fold

The unfold is actually the same – just a little awkward.  When the guy does it in their video it looks amazing and so easy.  However, in reality when you are average height creating the flick that is required to open it isn’t as graceful.  Check out me trying to do it when we first got it on my you tube video.  I have got better at it since then. However, I haven’t even attempted to show my parents how to do.  I am fairly sure that would tip my mother over the edge. 

So in summary; once it is folded it is great.  The dimensions are super small so perfect if you don’t have a big hallway or for putting in the car, but it isn’t as straight forward as a it looks .

The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Folded dimensions are H 51.5cm W 73cm and H 28cm


My twins are now 3 and big (91st centile for height).  They both still fit in the seats perfectly comfortably.  The straps are easily extendable and release by pressing one button.  This makes it nice and quick to get kids out of.  Perfect for when they are screaming the place down as they just can’t stand being in a buggy anymore.

Twins in a double buggy

The seats recline, but not enough for a new born.  They do have cocoons that attach though. You can also do different seat combinations.  So you could have a toddler on one side and a baby on the other.  I love that versatility. We have only used the recline a couple of times with our girls being a bit older, but they seemed very comfortable.

My girls often fall asleep in their buggy on the way to school to collect their brothers. They are certainly very relaxed and happy sitting in this double buggy.  So much so I haven’t bought the optional seat liners.  The seats are nicely padded so I didn’t think we needed them.  My girls were already two when we bought this buggy. So perhaps for a younger child you might want the seat liners.

The leg rests and hoods adjust separately as does the recline so you can manage the needs of two children separately.  I really would not buy any double buggy that did not do this!  It is essential if you want children to be able to nap on the go.

The sun hoods are really good and Mountain Buggy say they are full coverage, but they don’t shade legs.  You can buy a separate sun cover though.  I didn’t find I needed one so I probably wouldn’t bother buying that.


Using it as an adult

I don’t mean getting in – that would be odd!!  I mean pushing it.  As I said before it is very light and easy to manoeuvre.  You can use one hand to turn it even with my twins in it so that is a great feature.  The only thing I don’t like is that the hoods sit right against the handle.  I find that I have to keep moving them off my knuckles otherwise its uncomfortable as the material is textured.

All in all I would totally recommend this buggy and am happy with the value for money.  If you get some 3-4 years out of it £399 (plus rain cover) seems like a good price.  There are cheaper lightweight double buggies, but they honestly don’t push as well or manoeuvre as easily and the fact that this folds so small and is so light means that now as the girls are getting bigger we often just think – let’s just pop it in the boot just in case….  We would not have done this with previous double buggies. 

So that is it; my last double buggy and no doubt my last buggy user review.  It is the end of an era and now I am left wondering what will I do with my shopping?  Oh and which shoes will I buy instead of another new buggy?!

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo 
user review

I hope my Mountain Buggy Duo review has been useful.  If you liked this you might also be interested in the Britax Holiday and the Joie Aire Twin

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  1. gREAT REVIEW. i HAVE THE SINGLE NANO BUGGY AND JUST LOVE IT. MAKES TRAVELLING WITH YOUR KID SO EASY. i HAVE reviewed the buggy on my blog if you want to know my thoughts on this great stroller in single version.

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