Little girls don’t climb and other myths…

Little girls don’t climb – this is what I was repeatedly told and indeed promised before I had a girl.  Girls are easier they said; they just sit next to you and colour….

Lies all Lies!!!!  Clearly this is a nature versus nurture thing as my girls never stop climbing, opening cupboards, emptying drawers, climbing ladders and throwing themselves down slides – usually backwards.  I am quite sure there is something about my parenting style that creates these slightly crackers children but I am yet to put my finger in exactly what that is.  Having a little one whose mission in life is to scale the highest object in the room, empty every single item out of every drawer and look for the most kamikaze activity in every setting makes for a very tired mummy, but since there are twins doing this I simply don’t know where to look first. Frankly I don’t know how I am not thinner as I don’t think I have sat down for the last few months. There are advantages to this though in that the children are very confident and robust.  They climb so sometimes they fall and of course if they are climbing up I make sure they won’t hurt themselves but I think they have to fall a little (albeit onto a padded floor) to learn their limitations and in turn their capabilities. I see other little girls at softplay centres who cry every time they so much as stub a toe whereas these two lions roll around playing with their brothers and rarely worry if they have a little bump.  Now I just need to find the off button so that sometimes I do get that quiet little non climbing girl sitting and colouring!!! Well I was promised that little girls don’t climb

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