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Having Twins

Having twins is a lot like being stuck in Groundhog Day. Don’t get me wrong I love having twins and there is something very special about watching their relationship grow and blossom and see how different and yet alike they are, but having twins also doubles the work, doubles the nappies, doubles the crying and no doubt as they gets older will double the tantrums.

There are days when this all seems totally manageable but there are also times when I have literally just walked downstairs having changed a particularly revolting nappy only to be greeted by that tell tale whiff that lets me know the other baby has also made a deposit and so the process begins again.  This is largely what I expected and I was always daunted by the task ahead but I don’t think I fully comprehended how tiring it would be dealing with two babies at the same.  I basically assumed that because they were born at the same time they would have the same needs and that has not been true at all.  They have developed at different times and each focus on different skills for example one is very vocal and chats all the time needing lots of interaction and the other likes to be more contained and watch what is going on so I have to be mindful of not ‘forgetting’ her whilst I deal with her infinitely more demanding twin.  I read a post the other day where one mummy of twins said she had thought about what it would be like to only have one and how much easier it would be…. Well I have had a singleton as well and whilst having twins is hard in some ways any baby takes up all your time and having twins just requires better time management and an acceptance that you can’t do everything.  There are compromises sometimes when having twins but it means double the cuddles, double the smiles, double and giggles and double the fun

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