Mummy Tag

Mummy Tag

Today I am joining in with the Mummy Tag created by Emily Norris.  You can see her answers over on her you tube channel.  I was tagged by Coralie @mylifeasmumuk thanks for including me.  The mummy tag is all about answering some questions on your mothering experiences so you will also find out a bit more about me and what a hash I am making of it all 😉 

So I have made a video of me answering the questions which you can view here if you don’t feel like reading them all!


1. Favourite mum hack?

Getting everything ready for school the night before.  I lay the table for breakfast, pack bags, put shoes by the door etc…  I should do it everyday as it makes such a difference, but sometimes once they are all in bed I just want to sit down so I don’t bother and then I regret it the following morning!

2. Most embarrassing mum moment?

Going out for dinner and noticing half way through that I had baby poo all down the leg of my black jeans – nice!

3. What part of the day do you love the most?

At the weekends I love when they first wake up and we have a cuddle or hang out watching cartoons before breakfast, but during the week it is when we return from school and are playing games altogether

4. What part of the day do you like the least?

That school run – I HATE IT!!!!!

Mummy Tag

5. The worst thing someone said to you when you were pregnant

Oh you are having twins – that can be really complicated and dangerous can’t it?  REALLY??????  WHO SAYS THAT?!!!

6. Baby name you didn’t agree on

I wanted to give the children Irish names as I am half Irish, but the husband said if he couldn’t spell it it couldn’t happen – fair enough!

7. Do you co sleep?

Not intentionally, but often one or more end up in our bed

8. Something you bought but never used?

So much there is so much.  I was like a look buying every gadget going.  I wouldn’t do it again.  I have written a list of newborn essentials that I actually did use though.

9. 3 hospital bag must haves?

Snacks, big knickers and feminine wipes.  I am sneaking in an extra one…. Bring your own pillow!

10. Are you routine mum or a go with the flow mum and what does bedtime look like?

I am kind of a mix.  We do have a routine which we follow, but it isn’t military style.  Bedtime is the husband’s department.  He has it running like clockwork

11. What type of labour did you have? What pain relief did you choose?

I had a difficult 24hr labour and then emergency C section the first time and I took everything!!!  I then had to have two subsequent C sections

12. Have you ever been mum shamed?

Yes at a soft play a lady passed comment on my son and suggested that he wasn’t normal for a 3 year old.  I cried!

13. The biggest challenges you’ve faced since becoming a mum

Having my daughter be in the NICU was so very hard and the subsequent anxiety and PTSD was a real challenge.  My ongoing challenge is disciplining – I am rubbish at it and then run rings around me as a result!

14. The best bit advice you’ve ever been given – Biggest piece of advise you’d give to a new mum?

The best advice was get some rest and going on from that I would share; Don’t feel like you have to attend every baby group going!!  If they don’t learn Mandarin at 6mths old they will probably still grown up to be a positive member of society

15. Who’s your mum crush?

Any mummy who is taking care of kids and getting them to school or wherever else they need to be everyday.  We all rock!

And who do you tag?

I tag @emptynestmummy 



If you would like to be tagged let me know!!

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