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My Christmas Wish list

My Christmas Wish list

At this time of year millions of children will start writing their letters to Santa or compiling Christmas wishlists and it got me thinking.  If I still wrote a Christmas wishlist what would I put on it?  What would I want all those little elves in the North Pole to be busy making for me? 

Of course I could write about ‘things’ that I would like to receive for Christmas, but honestly I have a lot of stuff and whilst the cashmere jumper I saw yesterday would be lovely I don’t need it!!  In fact there is so much stuff in this house that one of my wishes is around getting rid of it…  So instead of stuff I have been thinking about some of the more abstract things that I would include on my Christmas wish list.  These things are not necessarily free as so much in life isn’t, but it is more about improving our lives than having nice stuff on this Christmas wish list.

My Christmas Wish List
What is on your christmas wishlist?

Good Health

It has been a long few months with various viruses and bugs flying around and around in this house.  I think that is probably typical in families with young kids especially when there are four of them, but for us a cough and a cold can be the start of a bigger issue. One of our little girls has a narrowed airway (technical term is a subglottic stenosis) and croup is her worst enemy.  Mine too actually as it is frightening when she can’t breathe.  For me it brings back all the anxiety that I had when she was in the NICU and when she had operations as a very small baby.  So for Christmas this year I would love for her to grow enough that her throat widens and we can say goodbye to this slightly fraught time in our lives.

A sledgehammer

Not for me your understand, but for the blasted wall that divides our kitchen from our dining room and makes our house not really work for us.  A galley kitchen and 6 people in a house does not a good combination make!  I wish for Christmas this year that we will be able to sort out the ground floor of our house so that we can stay here and not have to move.  The kids are in a great school and we are part of a lovely community so we don’t want to leave the area, but as things stand it feels like the house may be too small for us.  We hope that knocking down walls will fix this.


Often when managing my children’s behaviour (or lack of it) I think of the Take That song Patience and the lyrics run through my head… 

Just try and have a little patience… 

But it is so hard when all four of them are not doing what I need them to do especially in the mornings and I do shout!  I hate it, but I do and then I know I have lost the debate and just taught them that if you don’t get what you want; shout!  So if I could have anything for Christmas this year then patience would be right up there on the top of my christmas wish list.


I wish for my son to crack this reading malarkey.  He is finding it really hard and as much as a try I am not sure I am helping.  I don’t care if they are not the top of the class, but I hate to think of my children struggling and so I wish for him to get to grips with it and become more confident.  He has actually made a huge amount of progress recently, but it is still hard for him and I would love to wake up on Christmas morning and that be over for him


I have written a few times about the fact that I feel like I am stuck on a treadmill.  I wish for me to work out how to be more organised so that I can maybe not stop running, but at least slow down a bit…  I don’t want to miss the kids being little because I am rushing about putting clothes away.

Strength to purge

I need to sort out my house.  It is a mess!  There is stuff in every cupboard and I have a tendency to hoard.  I have ‘just in case’ syndrome.  I keep everything just in case even though I do really want to get rid.  So I wish for the strength and in fact the discipline to get on with it and start chucking things out


I don’t mean for us, but for our country.  I don’t wade in on politics much, if at all, here, but these are trying times in the UK and I really hope that we get the right outcome in the end

Lastly on my Christmas wish list

I am not going to lie it is not all about the greater good I would also love a nice pair of low heeled ankle boots….

So those are my christmas wishlist ideas, but what would you add to your Christmas wish list if you could have anything?

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