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The DreamTeam Linky Week 222

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why you need a family budget

Family Budgeting – why you need a family budget

Family Budgeting This year has been financially tricky for many and even if it hasn’t impacted your family I will bet that you have been thinking more about the what ifs?  What if you couldn’t work for a while?  What if you were made redundant or furloughed?   One way that you can help prepare for […]

Inspirational parenting quotes for hard days

27 Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Hard Times

INSPIRATIONAL PARENTING QUOTES FOR HARD TIMES Motherhood can be the toughest job in the world.  We all know it is rewarding too and that we wouldn’t change having our kids for anything, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t lonely and difficult sometimes.  It can be very demanding and draining.  So how do you handle […]

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DreamTeam Linky Week 220

Welcome to the DreamTeam linky and thanks for joining to us.  Its raining its pouring…. Autumn has arrived in the UK with a big downpour that is forecast for 5 days – yuk!  So this week I am sharing a recipe for a super quick and delicious Chicken Soup that will cheer you right up. […]

Preparing for a Home Birth

Are you considering having a home birth? Giving birth at home is both natural and safe, but you need to make sure that you have the right advice and support in place and are connecting with the right professionals to ensure the birth goes as smoothly as possible.   This post is not about the medical […]

preparing for a covid winter

8 Ways We Are Preparing for a Covid Winter

Preparing for a covid winter Every time you turn on the TV or look on the internet at the moment there seems to be nothing, but doom and gloom about the impending winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is tempting just to hide under a duvet until it is all over, but that isn’t very […]

kids go back to school featured image

Kids go back to school

Kids go back to school; mummy goes back to blogging So that is it (for now and fingers crossed forever) no more home educating or distance learning for us as the kids go back to school.  We managed the first day of the  school run and now I can get back to the blog.  Sorry […]

Dream Team Summer Edition

The Awesome Dream Team Linky Summer Edition!!

Bloggers Dream Team Linky summer edition! Hello and a sunny, blue skied welcome to this year’s Dream Team linky summer edition.  This is a bit different to normal so please please please read the new rules for August.  They are only short so it won’t take long, but there are big changes so you need […]

Character Education

Character Education with Role Models UK

Character Education for kids Recently we were offered the chance to try the online character education courses run by Role Models UK, but what is Character Education and why do we need to bother with this aspect of development for our children as well as everything else on the list?  In this post we explore […]

socially distanced kids birthday ideas

8 Awesome Social Distancing Kids Birthday Ideas

Social Distancing Kids Birthday – is that even possible? We all want some normal back in our lives don’t we?  The lockdown in the UK has been eased, but it will be a while before we are back to the big kids birthday birthday parties we were used to organising for our kids.  Social distancing […]