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11 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms

We all know that when you are a mom**  getting any time for yourself is tricky, but right now it is even harder than ever with kids at home, home schooling and work demands, plus your normal chores all pulling at you from every direction so how can you still take some time for you […]

15 Easy Winter Lockdown Activities for kids

Winter Lockdown Activities for Kids So it is official… We are in another national lockdown situation!  We all knew it was coming and for us here in London we won’t notice the difference too much I suspect as everything was already fairly shut down including schools.  I have already been seeing people saying on social […]

2021 goals

2021 Goals – why bother?

2021 Goals – Why bother? The start of a new year always seems like a great time to set new goals for yourself doesn’t it?  It feels like the right time to assess where you have gotten to in the previous year and plan a way forward for the next year.  I am not a […]

DIY Trend

DIY Trend in 2020

Interior Design and DIY in 2020 Interior design and DIY has gone through something of a resurgence during lockdown hasn’t it?  Just look at Instagram and its is flooded with images of people revamping their homes. We have begun preening like never before. Why has the DIY trend and home renovation increased so much in […]

planning baby number 2

Everything You Need To Consider When Planning Baby Number 2

So you are well into the dynamic of having a baby and you are over the shock to the system that is first time parenting and you start to think… We could do this again!  So you start planning baby number 2, but what do you need to consider when planning baby number 2 and […]

Staying sane in lockdown

10 ways of Staying Sane in Lockdown

Staying Sane in Lockdown  Staying sane in lockdown 2.0 is the challenge facing us in the UK at the moment.  We have all experienced a lockdown now so as we enter into the second version we all still remember what it was like last time and whether you bear the memories of sudden enforced home […]

why you need a family budget

Family Budgeting – why you need a family budget

Family Budgeting This year has been financially tricky for many and even if it hasn’t impacted your family I will bet that you have been thinking more about the what ifs?  What if you couldn’t work for a while?  What if you were made redundant or furloughed?   One way that you can help prepare for […]

Inspirational parenting quotes for hard days

27 Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Hard Times

INSPIRATIONAL PARENTING QUOTES FOR HARD TIMES Motherhood can be the toughest job in the world.  We all know it is rewarding too and that we wouldn’t change having our kids for anything, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t lonely and difficult sometimes.  It can be very demanding and draining.  So how do you handle […]

Preparing for a Home Birth

Are you considering having a home birth? Giving birth at home is both natural and safe, but you need to make sure that you have the right advice and support in place and are connecting with the right professionals to ensure the birth goes as smoothly as possible.   This post is not about the medical […]

preparing for a covid winter

8 Ways We Are Preparing for a Covid Winter

Preparing for a covid winter Every time you turn on the TV or look on the internet at the moment there seems to be nothing, but doom and gloom about the impending winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is tempting just to hide under a duvet until it is all over, but that isn’t very […]