A definitive list of the newborn essentials you NEED

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Newborn Essentials

When I was pregnant I was overwhelmed by all the things that everyone told me were newborn essentials. Before I had our first child I am fairly sure that most of Fisher Price, Mamas and Papas and Mothercare was piled up in boxes in my front room.  Then I had my baby and realised that I didn’t need most of it… EVER and the things I did need often weren’t required for the first six months.  Oh the money I wasted… So, now four children in,  I am here to save expectant mothers from drowning under a sea of baby stuff and from wasting money.


You don’t NEED it all – you might want it and if you do and can afford to buy everything then go for it.  Shopping for your first child is really fun and exciting, but if you would rather be a bit mindful of spend and just start with the essentials then this list is for you.  It is my definitive list of the newborn essentials you actually NEED when you have a newborn.

  • It is not in the least bit glamorous, but you need maternity pads!
  • Waterproof bed mats to spare your sheets at the start (these are, I am afraid for you and not the baby).  You can get ones for potty training from the pound shop or huggies do some that stick in place.  They do make ones for people post surgery, but they are more expensive and if you get potty training ones then any left overs can be saved for the future
  • If you are planning to breast feed then have some nipple cream at the ready.  I recommend Kamillosan, but lanisoh also does the trick
  • Breast pads.  You can get disposable or washable.  I preferred the washable ones

  • Nursing bras and tops –  this makes life a lot easier especially for feeding in public if you are not a bare all kind of gal
  • If you plan to breastfeed you don’t need any of this on day one, but if not or if you want to express;  8 bottles, a Sterilser and a bottle brush
  • A breast pump –  I am a big fan of expressing milk as it gives you a little bit of freedom to be able to perhaps leave baby with their daddy and for daddy to be more involved
  • Muslin cloths – I had hundreds of these as my first had reflux so they were constantly in use, but to start with a few will do as they dry quickly and you will be doing washing every day (at least)
  • Nappy bag – you can use a normal bag so I was debating whether this was an essential, but they are very handy to have and really do have space for everything.  Personally I love Skip Hop as they are stylish, but so very practical

  • A Car Seat
  • A buggy – if the one you pick is suitable from newborn you won’t need a carrycot as well.  They grow out of them so very quickly
  • A moses basket that you can easily move around as you are unlikely to want to leave a newborn to nap far away from you
  • A baby bouncer – this will buy you time when you need to hang out washing etc especially if it vibrates
  • A baby carrier or wrap – a god send so you can actually get some stuff done when baby just wants to be held and it is just lovely keeping them close to you
  • Nappies, Nappies, Nappies –  We used washable nappies with our first child, but once I had 3 in nappies that went out the window.  I recommend buying nappies in your weekly shop in advance of having a baby.  You won’t notice one pack per week, but you will notice the cost when the baby is actually there if you have to buy them all at once.  I also recommend joining Amazon family as you can save 15% on nappies
  • A nappy bin – For me this is an essential as it really does help in the middle of the night to be able to just put dirty nappies into a bin in the bathroom rather than having to keep going downstairs and they do contain the inevitable smell. For my twins I had two; one upstairs and one downstairs, but that was another level of nappy changing.

  • 20 baby sleep suits,
  • 20 vests (short sleeved and long sleeved)
  • 10 long sleeved cardies or padded jackets depending on the time of year
  • 4 baby blankets.  I like the cellular blankets; depending on the time of year you might also need a thicker blanket for trips out in the buggy
  • 6 sheets for the moses basket (if you baby has reflux you will end up needing more, but this is a good start)
  • Cotton wool you will use this with water instead of wipes for you newborn and for the gunky eyes that often come
  • Baby wipes – like nappies I would stockpile in advance

  • A baby bath support – you can do without, but these make bathing easier and safer so for me are a must have
  • Soft hooded towels for after bath;  newborns get cold fast so this is a must
  • Changing mat
  • Netflix, HAYU or Amazon Prime –  or even lots of box sets.  When you are feeding in the middle of the night or stuck on the sofa for what seems like hours it is more palatable if you can watch something for a bit

Did I forget anything vital?

Do leave me a comment if there is anything else that you think simply must be on that list!

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6 thoughts on “A definitive list of the newborn essentials you NEED

  1. FaB list. I also brought things i didn’t need, but luckily not too much. My best preparatiOn though was to have a freezer full of homemade meals for when you don’t haVe enough time or eNergy to cook.
    1. Yes to that. It really does help especially if you don't want to end up just reaching for the takeaway menus
  2. I remEmber with out first we bought so much (well i did) and it didnt grt used. GreAt list! #thatfridaylinky
    1. Thanks Jo
  3. I remember the list being neverending great infor post Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week
  4. Hey buddy, being grateful as you posted such a useful and informative post. This gonna help others for sure. I would like to save it. Thanks a lot for sharing your great thoughts. Keep posting, looking forward to more from you.

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