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Pizza Express Create Your Own Pizza

Feeding a family of six can be a pest especially when no one can agree on the things they like.   If there is one meal that can unite us though it is pizza.  We love eating pizza and making our own pizza.  So the boys and were super excited to be invited to a Create Your Own Pizza making party by Pizza Express.

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Pizza Express

In case you haven’t been on a UK town high street recently; Pizza Express has been creating pizza since 1965.  They have pizzerias across the country and offer takeaway too.  They are a firm favourite in our house.  My husband and I love the thin crusts and excellent quality of ingredients and the kids love the piccolo menu; giving them a little bit of all their favourites.  When we were invited to this create your own pizza event I was very excited, but little did I know I would also be treated to pizza.  I thought only the kids were going to be eating so I was a very happy lady.  I even tried a pizza that I hadn’t eaten before.  The Padana.  It has goats cheese, mozzarella, spinach and caramelised red onion. I for sure would not have ordered it from the menu (I am a creature of habit), but I was very pleasantly surprised.  I absolutely loved it!!

Making our Own Pizza

Back to the pizza making party though.  The boys had a great time.  They were guided through the process of making their own pizza by the fab chefs and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think their favourite part was just playing with the dough.  They were encouraged to try throwing and spinning the dough which they thought was awesome. 

Mummy would never let them try that at home!!  They also really enjoyed choosing their own ingredients.  I think it is just the element of freedom that appealed as I must admit they stuck to the toppings they would usually order anyway, but they did at least taste the olives.  I will take that as a win!

Happiness is…

My youngest spent much of the time eating as much extra cheese as he could lay his hands on so he was happy…  You should have seen his eyes light up when the chef gave him a cup of cheese just to eat as well as the amount he had to put onto his pizza.  He was in heaven!   My eldest, on the other hand, was totally focused!  He wanted to make the pizza correctly (classic first born). He did a great job; the pizza was delicious.  He was super proud of his pizza that he created.    They both chose to bring some home so that their daddy and sisters could try what they had made.   

Thank you so much to Pizza Express for hosting us at this event we had a super time and the team could not have been nicer.

Create Your Own Pizza Competition

You and your kids can get involved in the fun too as Pizza Express are running an exciting competition for all budding pizzaialos (pizza chefs) across the UK to create their own pizza.  All you have to do is to enter is visit 

Then choose four ingredients from a selection of 20 and give your pizza a cool name. One lucky winner will be chosen by a panel.  The winning pizza will be offered on menus across all of the 470 pizzerias in the UK.  How exciting is that?  My boys could not wait to enter and spent hours discussing pizza creations.  Most of which contained chocolate!!

The competition closes on the 17th June.  So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the website and get creating.


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