Raising Earth Friendly Kids

Raising Earth Friendly Kids

Raising Earth-friendly kids and improving your family’s health at the same time

The Earth has given so much to us, but we are yet to give back to it properly. We’ve built a civilization in its grounds and climbed atop of the food chain without much regard for other species or the nature surrounding us. That’s about to change, though. More and more people are coming back to Mother Earth and helping fix what previous generations broke. In the process, they’re improving their health and the quality of their life. Change starts today, with you and your children. So how can you raise earth friendly kids and help to make a difference.

Raising Earth Friendly Kids

1. Recycle

Recycling is the best thing you can do for the Earth right now. We’re not even aware of how much garbage we create and leave behind. Most of it is not biodegradable which means that it rots somewhere on a dump for years and years. This is especially true when it comes to products made of plastic. Teaching your kids to recycle the things they use is an excellent way to teach them respect for the Earth.

This is a habit they’re bound to carry on into adulthood, too. When they grow up, they’ll love recycling and see the true importance of it. This will motivate them to educate others and will give them the means to start an actual change in the world. Plus, they’ll be much healthier for using products made from more natural and safer materials. A kind and responsible child grows up into the best kind of adult- and recycling can help make that happen.

2. Clean with natural solutions

All too often, we’re ready to just buy any cleaning chemicals they sell in the stores. What we don’t realize is that natural solutions you can mix at home work just as well as the chemicals you can buy. The difference between the two is that the natural solution doesn’t harm anyone. With Eco friendly products your kids aren’t breathing in the chemicals while cleaning, and the earth isn’t suffering from the compounds in the cleaning solutions.

You can even teach your kids to mix the natural solutions themselves. This might motivate them to help around the house more. If you have small children, switching to natural solutions is much safer, as kids tend to get everything in their mouths. This way you’ll be sure that nothing happens to them even if they get their hands on the cleaning supplies.

3. Invest in a bidet

One of the biggest threats to the environment today is deforestation. Paper is a necessity it seems, but we still do use too much of it. This is especially true if we’re talking about toilet paper. In fact, most trees are used for the production of exactly that. Using toilet paper is unavoidable, but you can still teach your kids to be earth friendly kids by asking them to limit how much they use. Taking as much as you need instead of as much as you want is key in lowering the supply-demand and saving the trees.

how to raise earth friendly kids

One of the ways you can teach your kids to use less toilet paper is to invest in very simple to use non electric bidets. They’ll simply get to sit down and let the bidet take care of their most intimate areas. The water is much gentler and better for young and sensitive skin. As well as that, this method of cleaning is more thorough.

4. Grow vegetables together

Growing a vegetable garden with your child is the perfect way to teach them how to care for nature. They’ll be very excited to work in the garden with you, as children are generally very curious about how things work and how nature operates. You’ll teach them to be kind and gentle, they’ll develop a love for gardening, and they’ll realize the importance of growing your own food.

Earth friendly kids

As well as that, they’ll be much healthier as they’ll be eating homegrown food. When you buy food in the market, you don’t know where it was grown, where it’s been, and what its journey to the market looked like. Produce at the market is usually full of pesticides, too, so you’re basically feeding chemicals to your kids. By growing veggies yourself, you’re ensuring they’re getting all the nutrients they need. Plus, they’ll be more likely to actually eat veggies when they’ve put so much effort into growing them. They’ll be too curious and emotionally invested not to try the fruits (or in this case, the vegetables) of their labour.

Raising Earth Friendly Kids Final Thoughts

The only way to make Earth greener and improve the health of your family is by educating future generations. Your children will be those who carry on the lessons you teach them into adulthood and those who make a lasting impact on Earth. It’s up to you to teach them to treat it with love and respect and to cherish it as much as they cherish themselves and their well being.  

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