How To Survive that Road Trip With Baby

Heading off on a road trip with a baby might seem daunting but it can be done. You don’t have to give up on your adventuring just because you’ve had a baby, but you will need to be more prepared than you were before. With some planning, you can survive a that road trip with baby.

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how to survive road trip with baby

Start small. A long trip might have to wait until the baby is a little older and has more of an attention span to enjoy a trip.  With the need to stop to manage care like naps, feeding and nappy changes, a long journey might be a bit of a challenge.  Having said that we did a 10 hour road trip through France with two one year old twins so its possible!  If you do need to travel with a baby for a long time I definitely recommend driving at night so that baby can sleep for much of the trip.


Travel systems

Invest in an all in one travel system. These systems combine a pram, pushchair, carry cot and a car seat into one item, which has the advantage of saving room in the car and an easy way to move the baby around. You can clip the carry cot in and out of the car without having to disturb them as you make stops on your journey. 

Get in the back

If there’s more than one adult on the trip, take it in turns to have one of you ride in the back with the baby for at least part of the journey.  You can keep them company, amuse them with games and manage things like snacks without needing to stop. 


Snacks are a great way to distract a grump baby on a trip once they are eating solids.  Remember, to be safe, the child needs to be in their car seat, so if you’re still breastfeeding, you should stop for feeds. For older children, you could give them snacks like pureed fruit, small pieces of fruit and maybe even a sweet treat. Some usually forbidden snacks go down well on long trips, but be careful not to overload them with sugar or you will regret it!

Get Organised

If you’ve packed toys and other distractions for the baby to use during the trip, try not to leave them scattered all over the back seat. Pack up the toys into a bag and keep them secured. Anything that is loose can fly around the car if an accident happens, causing injuries to you or the baby. Keep all other luggage in the boot if you can.  You can get great in car organisers that are perfect for keeping all the baby essentials within reach and organised.  We have four of them in our car!

Bring a bucket

Bring a bucket or better still sick bags.  Nobody likes to think about it, but children can be very prone to motion sickness or sudden illness, so keep a bucket handy in the car, just in case.   One of my twins and one of the boys suffered with this from the time they were small babies and it definitely pays to be prepared!  I also recommend getting a seat cover for your car seats and waterproof pads to protect the baby’s seat.   There is nothing worse than a child having to continue sitting in sick for the remainder of the journey.

Plan some entertainment

Music or audio books can be fun for the whole family. If you can’t stand to listen to kids’ music on a loop for the whole trip, choose an audio book. You could try the soundtrack from some favourite family movies or a collection of Disney songs, to keep the little one distracted during boring parts of the journey. 

Keeping little ones amused on the road can be fun for you too, and the adventures you have on these road trips will make great family memories and stories for when your children are older. They will learn  patience and to be well travelled from a very young age.  We love a road trip here and although it can be hard for the parents it is worth it!  If you have a large family like us a road trip can be the only way to make travel financially possible. 


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