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Ultimate Guide to surviving a Road Trip With Baby

11 important things to know before you Road Trip with Baby Heading off on a road trip with baby might seem daunting but it can be done. You don’t have to give up on your adventuring just because you’ve had a baby, but you will need to be more prepared than you were before. With […]

travel games for kids

Interplay Take and Play Magnetic Games

With half term coming up I’ll bet that you, like me are starting to think about what you are going to do with these kids – especially if this rain keeps up.  Or you might be about to start packing for a bit of autumn sun.  If so, I am very jealous…  Either way we […]

Our Family Holiday in France

Well hello there my lovely readers!  For those of you who regularly read my ramblings we are back from our family holiday in France.  If you are new here then I am thrilled you decided to pop by!  So in case you didn’t know we just spent a month away on our annual family holiday […]

family camping essentials

Family Camping Essentials List; 30 great camping helpers

Recently we went on our first ever real camping trip as a family.  As a novice camper I didn’t really know what we needed to bring.  I mean I knew we needed a tent and sleeping bags, but I wanted to know what are the real family camping essentials so I asked some lovely bloggers […]

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Hand Luggage for kids

It is that time of year again when many of us are planning our summer holiday.  I am starting to think about what we should take with us and one of the things I always spend time on is hand luggage for kids.  I am also sharing a fab tip that has saved me many […]

keeping the kids cool on a summer road trip

Keeping the Kids Cool on a Summer Road Trip

Keeping the Kids Cool on a Summer Road Trip A summer road trip can be a fantastic way to save money on your summer holiday. Many people with school-aged kids couldn’t possibly afford to travel abroad in the school holidays.  So often breaks away in this country are our only chance to spend some quality […]

long term travel with a family

Is Long Term Travel Possible With A Family?

Is long term travel possible with a family?  Of Course it is! Many of us dream of quitting work, renting out the family home and taking off to explore the world for more than just a week or two. It is a step that so many parents would love to take, but the thought of […]

Smart Mummy Holiday Packing

Have you ever got everything ready for a family holiday, felt pretty proud of yourself and then arrived at your destination to find that the children have 3 million outfit options whilst you have 3 pairs of tatty shorts, no knickers and T Shirts that don’t match?  I have!  I am often so busy making […]

Helpful Tips for Road Trips with Kids

In times gone by a road trip was something fun to look forward to.  An adventure to be filled with snacks, chatting and singing loudly to Take That.  Now that we have 4 kids to consider it could be the stuff of nightmares and yet every year for the past 4 years we have piled […]

How to manage camping with small children

Camping with small children sounds like a nightmare, but it is doable and can even be fun!  When you bring small children along with you to a new environment, their minds can have trouble adapting to all of the new and novel things that they experience and this can produce a child a very tired […]