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The end of the school year facts

As the end of the school year approaches there are certain facts that are inevitable in our household.  I wonder is it just us who has this strange things begin to occur at the end of the school year?

end of the school year

Fact One:  The disappearing socks

Towards the end of the school year a strange phenomenon becomes apparent.  My children’s socks start to disappear.  I think that they are maybe selling them for extra match attax cards or something as I swear they leave home in a pair of socks and come back in socks and yet at last count my youngest son has only 3 pairs of school socks to his name.  How is this possible?  Lord only knows, but its a fact…


Fact Two:  Disheveled appearance

My once neatly turned out children with bright white polo t shirts can at the end of the school year be found wearing whiteish t shirts with a heady mix of mud, pasta bolognese and permanent white board marker decorating them.  Do I care?  Not at this stage people.  I can regularly be heard saying ‘oh well you will just have to wear it I am not buying new ones now’


Fact Three:  My children wish my life away

The countdown has begun and I am asked sometimes up to 10 times a minute (well it feels that way) ‘When is the end of the school year?’  or ‘when are we going on holiday?’  My head is slightly spinning as I have, for reasons unknown, also signed up to go on two camping trips before the end of the school year.  That is 2 lots of packing, unpacking and washing for 6 people I have to do before I pack for our almost month long holiday.  I don’t mean to moan as I do appreciate that not everyone gets to go on holiday, but still I am slightly freaking out and the countdown by days, hours and minutes is stressing me out!!

the end of the school year

Fact Four: My children’s feet grow

Yep right before the end of the school year we seem to have irritating growth spurts and I am suddenly faced with a £100 Clark’s visit right before the end of the school year.  I mean honestly who wants that…  I am always tempted to just ignore the slight wince as the shoe goes on, but I know I can’t so off we trudge to buy new school shoes in JULY!!!!    Fortunately this year a friend had a brand new pair that didn’t fit her son so we are covered at least on one base.

Fact Five:  End of the school year activities

It feels like there is always something going on at this time of year.  It may be a virtue of having four kids so having multiple different events, but it seems like my presence is required all over the place.  If I am honest I have lost track some what. What with performances, assemblies, parents drinks, end of year teachers gifts and such like the head is spinning.  I am dropping balls all over the place and don’t know who I haven’t paid and who I have.

end of the school year party

I find this time of the year chaotic, but it is all worth it as it is nearly my favourite time of the year.  The 6 weeks of summer holidays.  I must say despite all of the stuff I need to get done before the end of July I am looking forward to the long summer days without a school run to interfere with our fun.  So when that end of school year party is in full swing for the kids I too will be feeling full of joy.  Although this will of course be dampened by that shoe bill…

10 thoughts on “The end of the school year facts”

  1. Oh no!!! Not the shoes. We’ve been so lucky to not have any growth spurts right before the end of the summer term. Phew. But I can absolutely relate to the pasta splattered school wear hehe. #DreamTeam xx

  2. twicemicrowavedtea

    It’s definitely a busy time of year, and for me it was such a relief to finally reach the summer holidays! Those last few weeks were so hectic with extra nursery activities and assemblies, ballet shows and school visits. So sorry to read about the shoes, that’s so annoying!! #dreamteam

  3. I have bought my son sooooo many pairs of grey socks for school. I swear he must be eating them because by the end of the year we had about 3 socks, none of which matched of course! #DreamTeam

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