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Treasure X Aliens Review – Alien Ooze Eggs

Treasure X Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs

Recently we were sent some Treasure X Aliens for the kids to try out.  We have bought Treasure X products before so I already knew that my boys were fans of the concept, but we hadn’t tried the Alien Ooze Eggs so I also knew they would be excited.  We were sent Alien Ooze Eggs so that we could put them through their paces, but as ever all opinions are honest and our very own!  So here it is our review of the Treasure X Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs.

Treasure X Aliens Ooze Eggs

What Are Treasure X Aliens?

These are the latest in the Treasure X surprise toy range.  The alien eggs have landed and they are about to hatch…. 

How do kids play with the Treasure X Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs?

The Alien Ooze Eggs are as they suggest egg shaped and kids play with them by first breaking open the hard outer shell to find their squishy alien egg inside.   Then they have to squeeze the alien egg to basically explode it and within that they get their collectable mini alien who comes covered in alien ooze (slime). They will also find an alien treasure and within some of the eggs there is a real gem treasure.


Treasure eggs

So we have the surprise element, the collectable element and slime – reading the press release I basically knew that my boys would love these as that covers all bases for them!

… but it isn’t done there because these aliens are also a bit grim.  They can suck up the ooze through their mouth and nose and then spit it back out.  Its slightly yucky to watch, but boy do the kids love it!

So what did my boys think?

They literally loved these toys.  They have been playing with them all afternoon.  I won’t pretend to understand the obsession with slime, but kids really do love it and my boys are no exception.  

Both of them were so excited when they were opening the alien eggs and loved bursting open the soft egg. I think the excitement was built up by the fact that they could see the alien inside. 

Treasure X Aliens Ooze Egg inner egg
The Alien Soft Egg about to burst

Then they were  desperate to see which of the 12 collectable aliens they had got.  My younger son got an ultra rare one and is so delighted with himself.

After playing with the toys and terrorising mummy by chasing me around with slurping and ‘puking’ (as they said) aliens my eldest (8) came running into the kitchen saying ‘ Can we have more of these please?’  and that sums up their verdict really.  

Untitled design 1

They had so much fun with these eggs and continued to play with them once the surprise was done.  We actually had tears before bedtime as one of  them thought he had lost his alien so to say they were a hit is an understatement.

Mummy’s Verdict

At an RRP of only £4.99 I think these are a great little treat for the kids.  My boys were happy and occupied for a good hour when they first opened the Alien Eggs and then they went back to them again later on.  I actually had to stop them from taking them up to bed.  We have been down that road with slime before 😉

I am not always a huge fan of surprise toys from a single use plastic perspective so I was very pleased to see that the packaging was at a minimum on these eggs.  The hard egg shell becomes the storage case for the slime and the alien so isn’t single use at all.  I loved that and loved how my boys were able to keep the ooze contained so that they can play with it again.  

As a mummy with new carpets I was also pleased to see that the ooze isn’t that slimy.  It isn’t really runny like some of the other toys the boys have had and that meant I could let them play with these ones inside too.  

Alien Egg OozeThe Alien Egg Ooze

The boys really enjoyed the opening of the alien eggs and perhaps even more so found the whole slurping up ooze element hilarious. Anything that keeps them laughing and squealing with delight works for me especially when it is priced at just £4.99. I am ordering some more for their birthdays that we have coming up and I know they will be thrilled.

I think with Easter coming up and all of us being stuck at home at the moment thanks to Corona, these would be a perfect addition to an Easter Egg hunt.  You can get

Treasure X Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs from Smyths Toys so you can order online.

If you head over to you can take part in some competitions and have a chance of winning some prizes.

Final Verdict

Treasure X Aliens – Alien Ooze Eggs are a hit here and I am definitely getting some more.  They are reasonably priced and made my kids smile lots!

Alien X Eggs
Just look at that happy face!

5 thoughts on “Treasure X Aliens Review – Alien Ooze Eggs”

  1. Shelley Whittaker

    These look brilliant, especially for the price! Perhaps also a good option if you are putting together a travel / boredom pack for your youngsters #DreamTeamLinky

  2. These look really fun – and will definitely keep them entertained during the current circumstances. It’s hard keeping them entertained (as well as home-schooling at the moment_. x #DreamTeam

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  4. Ooohh those aliens look brilliant. Mine loves slime too and this would definitely be something that would go on her wishlist. Very impressed by the lower price tag, which makes these an affordable pocket money buy too. #DreamTeamLinky xx

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