3 Useful Gifts for New Parents

3 Useful Gifts for New Parents 

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According to Giftfocus, data shows that 76% of family and close friends usually spend an average of £29 on baby gifts. The idea of gifting new parents with baby items has been a long-held tradition in society. However, upon careful observation, you’ll realise some of these gifts are non-practical and can best be described as baby shower souvenirs. What about the option of getting ideal gifts new parents will actually find useful? Here are a few gift ideas. 

  • Miku smart baby monitor

Baby monitors are a crucial part of infant and childcare. Their primary use is to alert parents or guardians when the baby wakes. Most importantly, it’s a gadget every new parent will find beneficial especially because the monitor becomes the alarm when they’re not within earshot of their baby’s cries. Fortunately, as technology continues to evolve, so have baby monitors. Now, there are smart ones that provide parents of new-borns improved digital infant care.

Smart baby monitor brands are designed with video cameras that send a live feed to the user’s smartphone. The Miku Smart monitor is an example. This type not only allows a parent to see their babies when they’re not around them but also monitors an infant’s breathing too. Additionally, it comes with a sensitive motion sensor that enhances safety and security. 

Interestingly, the Miku Smart Baby Monitor uses an in-built analytics system to provide parents with sleep reports and patterns. For new parents, this gadget can help reduce the stress associated with learning the basics of infant care. It’s even more useful because you can use the Miku monitor right up till when your baby reaches their toddler years.

  • First aid kit for babies and kids in general

It’s well known that most home accidents suffered by infants and kids, in general, happen in the home. According to Public Health Matters, every year in England, 60 children under five years die from injuries sustained in the house. The report goes further to indicate that most parents in such circumstances failed to administer the initial lifesaving care a first aid kit would have offered.

Presenting a beautiful baby first aid kit makes a wonderful gift and a useful one too. Every new parent buys a first aid kit I am sure so why not save them that purchase.  The travel baby first aid kit includes metal tweezers, eyewash, sterile hypoallergenic tape, bandage, burn care gel, etc. In effect, every single item in there is purposed to attend to initial urgent care until you can arrive at a medical centre for further treatment if required.

  • Veer Cruiser

The veer cruiser was invented by Andrew Bowman, a father and an expert in strollers. Andrew’s creation came about when he realised how difficult it was for parents to convey their kids in mini-wheeled strollers in hilly areas. This infant carrier is a portable bed and an all-in-one stroller for new-borns right through to the toddler period. For slightly older kids, the Veer Cruiser conveniently becomes a wagon.  We don’t live in a hilly area, but this would have worked brilliantly when I had four under four!

The purpose of giving new parents a gift item is to consider its usefulness beyond a few months. Fortunately, the Veer Cruiser sees to that concern. It’s versatile, built to be robust, doesn’t wear easily, and is available in a variety of colours. Did you know you can also attach it to an infant car seat while an older child (three or four-year-old) sits in the wagon compartment?  This might make a great gift from a grandparent who is looking to contribute in a larger way financially or it could be the perfect way for a group of friends or family members to club together and help the new parents.  

Baby gifts can be practical and fun at the same time. Bear in mind that new parents tend to be sleep-deprived as they bustle around all day to care for their young. When you’re choosing a baby gift, opt for those that alleviate some pressure off such parents.  Some of the best gifts that I received when having my babies were a basket of muffins, a stack of nappies and books for me to read whilst breastfeeding (that is only suitable for a first time mummy though as after that she won’t have time to sit and breastfeed.  She will be breastfeeding whilst playing with a toddler or helping an older child with school work).

So think about alternative baby gifts.  Clothes are cute and lovely, but sometimes just taking the pressure off financially by buying nappies can be the best gift ever.

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