5 things you need to do when preparing for a newborn

Pregnancy is always going to be an exciting time. But it’s also going to be incredibly stressful. You need to make sure that you are thinking about everything that needs to be completed before the little one arrives. Preparing for a newborn is exciting and it can also be a busy time so it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks here and there and get forgotten.

Preparing for a newborn

Preparing the Nursery

For instance, you might find that you forget all about the nursery. This is something that a lot of parents are going to put off until the last minute and then realize that they have far too much to get done. However, if you approach it the right way designing your nursery can be great fun.  In fact when you are preparing for a newborn this is one of the most exciting parts; getting ready for where they will sleep and organising all their bits and pieces really starts to make it all feel real.  It can seem quite overwhelming though so just remember it is all about getting the basics in place.  You don’t have to go wild with interior design. The things you actually need could include everything from a place to rock the baby to sleep to a play area for them. This space needs to be relaxing for you and your baby as you will be spending lots of time there believe me!

You might think that you can’t start work on the nursery until you know the gender of the baby. But you can, you just need to make sure that you start with a gender-neutral design and select the colors carefully. You might also want to think about exploring some gender-neutral parenting blogs if this idea matches your needs. Let’s look at some ways that you can prepare for their arrival. 

Hire A Photographer

This may not be your priority number one, but if you want those photos of the first few days and weeks it is worth booking in advance and doing your research.  You might want to capture every moment from the beginning of your little one’s life and if that’s the case then it’s important to find the right newborn photographer.  They do get booked up!  A great newborn photographer will ensure that your little one is preserved in time forever and that you can always look back on the first days when they arrived.

If you are looking for the right photographer, then make sure that you explore the portfolio of different professionals. It’s important that you think about whether they can achieve the aesthetic and style of photography that you want.  

Buying Baby Essentials

There are so many things you could buy when preparing for your baby’s arrival, but you don’t need all of them.  I have put together a list of all the newborn essentials you actually need and it will be less than you think…

Baby Proof Your Home

There are a lot of dangers in your home that you need to think about when you are preparing for a baby. The good news is that with the right steps, you are going to be able to mitigate a lot of these dangers. For instance, it’s important that you think about putting safety locks on cupboard doors, particularly where there are dangerous items and equipment. Remember, babies explore quicker than you think and can get up to all sorts of weird and wonderful mischief.  

Initially you might want to focus on the cot or moses basket as your baby won’t be able to move around much, but boy can they wiggle so you want to make sure that any baby monitors and their wires are out of reach and that sheets are well fitted.  As soon as your baby starts rolling the real baby proofing fun begins.  You will be amazed at how quickly they can go and how far they can get rolling before they even crawl so I recommend getting started on baby proofing quickly. It may seem like it will be ages before they are really able to get into trouble, but it will fly by and before you know it that picture frame on the low shelf or decorative vase on the hearth will be fair game for your little one and you will be reaching for the power tools! If you aren’t as handy with a drill or any good at putting up shelves then it may be time to hit that search for a handyman near me in Montgomery or wherever you live so you can find someone to help you out.  You could try looking locally on parent groups for recommendations as well; other parents will have already been through this so there is bound to be someone around you who has some hints and tips.

Buy Some Toys

Finally, you can think about buying some toys for your little one. There are numerous different types of toys for you to choose from. You just need to make sure that you are selecting toys that are for the appropriate age. You should also reign in your spending here as they will grow out of them, fast. To start with I suggest just some black and white picture books or toys specifically for newborns as they can’t see colours yet.  You can think about all the other toys and developmental activities afterwards.

We hope this helps you understand some of the ways you can get prepared for your little one’s arrival. Enjoy this exciting time and don’t get too bogged down in all the things everyone says you need.  Your baby needs you relaxed and rested most of all!

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