Easy Valentines Day Craft for Kids

If you are looking for a quick and easy valentines day craft for kids that still looks great then look no further.  This valentines day craft for kids will have your littles busy for ages and won’t drive you crazy as it makes little mess and can be done by even the youngest children so it is a great craft activity to do with your preschooler or toddler. These heart flower cards took a few minutes to set up for my 3 year old twins and then I was able to let them get on with it.  They were able to do all the sticking themselves and as long as I kept an eye on how much glue they were using it wasn’t at all messy.  They had fun doing it and I think the end result is really cute.

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What you will need:

A blank card and envelope

Coloured Card

kids craft scissors

A Heart Shaped Punch (you could use scissors, but the punches are great)

A black pen

Sparkles or glitter


All you need to do is cut out the shapes and get out the glue. It really is one of the most easy Valentines day craft for kids that I have tried with my little ones.   This is one of the few craft activities that I have really been able to let my 3 year olds loose with.  That was basically because I have two Heart Shaped Punch which have guards on the bottom so that they could cut out all the hearts themselves without any potential of loosing fingers!! If you don’t have a heart punch then I would suggest cutting out the heart shapes in advance for them.  I would recommend getting a few of these punches though if you like crafting with your kids as they give them the chance to do it themselves. Toddlers and preschool kids do just love to feel independent so where ever possible I like to let them do it alone! 

This Valentines day craft for kids kept my little girls quiet and occupied for ages.  You can see from the picture how engrossed they were in the task at hand.  I think sometimes when there is a purpose to the craft like making a card for daddy they tend to be more interested.  They really wanted to get it right and that was so sweet to see.

Valentines Day Craft for kids

I think we will be giving daddy and nanny a card each for Valentines Day as the girls were determined to make more than one.  I am sure that they will love them as much as the girls loved making them. For another great Valentines Day craft for kids idea check out this post: 

Valentines day craft for kids

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14 thoughts on “Easy Valentines Day Craft for Kids

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  2. I'm all for easy ideas, I'm not crafty at all but I do have loads of craft materials! #DreamTeam
  3. Using heart shaped punches is such a great idea. I like the idea that they can safely cut out shapes without the risk of losing fingers! #DreamTeam
    1. I actually got them when I was making our wedding invites but they are amazing for the kids
  4. You have picked lovely and cute ideas to celebrate valentines day X #dreamteam
  5. Super cute craft ideas and my 3 year old daughter would love the heart shape punches. #DreamTeam
  6. Another post that makes me ready to become a grandma now that mine are teens and into other matters. Miss those days of crafting particularly with my daughter although she did mention doing some today so there is hope! #DreamTeam
  7. Such sweet cards! I think I might have to try some crafts with my daughter for v. day this year :) #DreamTeam
  8. The girls look like they are really concentrating on their crafts - I love it! #DreamTeam
    1. They do love a bit of crafting especially if they are let loose alone #DreamTeam
  9. Not far off now, some lovely simple ideas #DreamTeam
  10. What a fab idea. Your little ones look like they are having such a lovely time making the cards. I'd not thought of using hole punches for big shapes before. Really clever! #DreamTeam xx
    1. I have a hole punch collection ;)
  11. You can't beat a hole punch - I find them so therapeutic to use! #DreamTeam

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