WILD book review

Wild Children’s Book Review

My Wild children’s book review starts with a congratulations…  A congratulations to my #MischiefandMemories co host on the publication of her first ever book.  How cool is that?  Anyway we were very kindly sent a copy of her book and so this is everything we thought and everything you need to know about Wild children’s book.


Wild Children's book Review

What is Wild all about?

Wild is a children’s picture book which tells the story of Wolfie and Wilfie.  They are two little wolf cubs who don’t follow the usual stereotypes of wolves in stories.  the big bad wolf they are not!  Instead Wolfie and Wilfie are sweet little wolf cubs who meet when they are chilling out after an afternoon of cherry picking.  Wolfie and Wilfie are how ever part of the wolf pack and it isn’t long before the rest of the pack show up and start teasing them for just not being ‘wild’, for not being the way that wolves are ‘supposed’ to be.

Now I won’t ruin the whole story by telling you the outcome, but let’s just say that Wolfie and Wilfie have the last laugh and teach those unkind wolves a bit of a lesson in tolerance and acceptance.  This all sounds quite grown up when I write it like that, but in Wild children’s book the language and the illustrations are of course targeted at children and make it so that they can easily understand the message of being yourself, resisting peer pressure and not feeling bad for just being them – even if that is different from the crowd.

What do I love about it?

As a parent I love the message behind the story and that it is presented in a fun way that the kids can really engage with.  I also love the different use of font and choice of language to make the page really come alive for the children and the adults reading it. 

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There is some fab use of alliteration in the book that makes it a joy to read as a grown up and really enhances the listening experience for the kids.  The way that Wild uses different size text and text arrangement on the page is also really clever as it makes the book more dynamic for the kids to look at and if they are starting to learn to read like my little girls then this is really useful for them as it helps them to see which words are more important and supports the sense of the story.

I also love the illustrations in the story.  The colours and the design of the wolves support their characters and again just bring it all to life.

What my kids thought of Wild children’s book?

My twins are 6 and they love this book.  It has earned a place on the bedtime story rotation which is high praise indeed!  Daddy does bedtime stories and so the girls even came down the next day after reading it for the first time and told me all about the wolf cubs.  They found it funny that the wild wolves got their comeuppance and they definitely got the message that Wolfie and Wilfie were doing the right thing by being themselves.  We are working on self esteem with one of the girls as she has been struggling and Wild has become a part of that.  

wild children's book review

They are not quite there in terms of being able to read Wild themselves, but they absolutely love looking through the pictures and retelling the story to one another which is a great way of building that love of reading and of books so that is a win too!

Wild is a children’s book, but what age is it for?

Whilst Wild is a picture book and so targeted at younger children aged 0-7, but we have found that it resonates with our 8 year old as well. Our 6 year old twins totally love it.  The main characters are cute and they want Wolfie and Wilfie teddies next – product idea for free there Annette 🙂

Wild childrens books

I have also read it to our 10 year old and used it to show him the power of writing and language as he is finding using creative language and understanding author intent tricky.  Wild has been super useful for that as the deliberate use of text size, positioning, descriptive language and alliteration are vital for the story.  He not only enjoyed the story and the illustrations, but could see these techniques when they were presented in a picture book.  I know that this wasn’t the intended use of Wild, but it has been great for that all the same.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a children’s book that has a positive message, but within a great fun story and will super illustrations and words that will inspire and really engage your kids then we say check out Wild.  As you may know if you are a regular here, we love getting outside and going camping and now Wild comes with us… 

Wild is published by owlet press who are all about creating positive change through stories for children.  They have some fantastic titles avaliable and publish around 10 books per year so worth keeping an eye on the site and of course checking out WILD.

We took the book with us on a recent weekend away in the woods and it is even better read there as we could imagine that Wolfie and Wilfie might appear any minute so if you have any camping staycations planned defo slip a copy of Wild in your bags.  We love Wild children’s book here and I am sure that your kids will love it too!

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous book with a great message for children. I love the look of the illustrations too. #MischiefandMemories

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely review of WILD Kirsty. We’re thrilled that the twins loved the story. Such lovely photo’s of the book being out in the wild and what a great idea to bring it on a camping trip. I would love to have Wolfie and Wilfie plushies too! #mischiefandmemories xx

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