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13 Top Mummy Moments

The weather has been so beautiful this past week it got me feeling all sunny myself and so I thought a happy positive post was in order….   I also thought I could do with a top mummy moments post just for me to refer back to on those less fab mummy days! Let’s be honest there are plenty of those too…

Mummy Moments

15 Summers of Mummy Moments

I am now 7 summers into my allotted 18 with my eldest and my twins are 3 which means that according to the theory I have just 15 summers left with my children.  I still holiday with my parents so you never know I might get more, but still  it is not a lot.  Honestly, I think that is just a way of adding on the pressure to parents so I don’t worry about my number of summers too much.  However, if you do think about it we should try to enjoy the moments as the time when they are little does fly past.   So I have been thinking about some of the best bits of being their mummy. 

Here are my top 13 mummy moments so far:

  1. The first time I held my eldest after the sheer shock of the rather complicated birth passed… I could have happily stayed in that moment forever
  2. The first time my eldest met his little brother
  3. When my younger son started to say ‘night night’ and wave to me. It was just so adorable
  4. When my baby girl was allowed home from hospital after time in the NICU and special care
  5. The first time one of the girls waved at me. She has always been a little delayed with the old milestones and so we were waiting for this one and she kindly obliged on my 40th birthday
  6. Teaching my boys to ride a bike and seeing their faces when they realised they were riding without stabilisers
  7. The other day when my daughter said she couldn’t do something and I encouraged her to try again. Her little face as she exclaimed ‘I did it mummy’ was priceless and the fact that she said a sentence was also a triumph as she has a speech delay
  8. Watching all the assemblies and nativity plays it is just such a joy seeing them succeed and be confident enough to deliver their lines and be part of the plays
  9. Believe it or not – night time feeds. It is hard work, but those times when it was just me and the baby or babies are really special to me and in some ways I miss it
  10. The first time I was allowed to hold my daughter when she was in the NICU
  11. Whenever they give me a cuddle just because….
  12. Lazy family afternoons where we decide not to do anything and just hang out at home and all cuddle up on the sofa to watch a movie. Perfect mummy moment
  13. Watching all four of them play a game together and seeing them laugh together. Clearly the harmony never lasts as siblings will squabble, but for that moment it is just perfection and worth every bit of stress caused by having 4 littles close together

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So now I am off to start my mummy day which will involve ferrying the boys to various parties, cooking, washing and cuddling littles, but who knows maybe we will make another moment to add to the list today….

What are your top parenting moments? 

Do leave me a comment and let me know. 

I am going to be coming back to my list lots – every time I feel like I might scream as everyone is being so difficult I will pop back here to remind myself that being their mummy is amazing.

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  1. When my big boy, aged 7, gently (ish) takes my face in his hands, gazes into my eyes and tells me that he will love me forever…..even when i’m dead. !!!

  2. Some lovely moments here. Mine is Watching the Tubblet become her own person, with her own thoughts and opinions 🙂 It’s great getting glimpses of the woman she will become

  3. This was such a lovely read!
    I think my top mummy moments was my daughter saying mama for the first time on our family holiday #dreamteam

  4. The unprompted “I Love You Dad”s, and a couple of paintings of me & The Bean at the beach or out for a walk – that she’s made completely of her own accord. These things mean a lot.

  5. You brought back many fond memories by sharing yours. I think my happiest moment was holding my first born. Partly because I had actually managed it and as an adopted person it mattered so much as for me It was pretty much the first blood relative I had met in my life and certainly the first one I could remember. Lovely post and yes refer to it often when it all gets too much #DreamTeam

  6. Mumonamissionforabetterlife

    Lovely 🙂 My best moment is the feeling I get when I hug my children and I can still get a faint smell of their unique baby scent and the warm happy loving feeling that spreads through me #dreamteam

  7. My children are all grown now, but I enjoy playing with my grandkids. One of my top mommy moments from years ago was when all three boys actually had angelic smiles for their Christmas picture. I cherish that picture.

  8. Those milestones are so precious aren’t they? even as a dad I can relate to these, even the night feeds: With twins it’s all nahds on deck, right? Ours both had reflux as babies so needed to be held upright after every feed (we were told an hour but did 1/2). It was tiring & time-consuming but also a terrific bonding experience. I love positive posts like this, thank you 🙂

    1. Oh yes we had the joy that was reflux with the twins too… I think I have blocked out the crazy night feed period. Thanks goodness they are amazing sleepers most the time so my reward is that. Glad you liked the post and thanks for being on the #DreamTeam

  9. This is so sweet! Gosh it is hard to narrow it down as there are so many amazing moments, my current on enough is watching them all laugh together I am so lucky that at 14, 11 and 8 they love playing with each other and laugh all the time. #DreamTeam

    1. Thanks. I don’t like to wish time away, but I am excited for the time when they are all able to properly play together. Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam

  10. What a lovely list of special moments! and what a fab idea to record them like this. are you going to add to your list as you go along? there are so many special moments, i really can’t put my finger on one to say. thanks for being a fab #dreamteam linky host xx

    1. Thanks lovely. I think it would be nice to add to them. I was a bit hit and miss with baby books (too many babies ) so this list might be a nice addition to that for when they are older

  11. Thats a great idea about keeping the list handy to come back to when it feels like your having a rough day parenting.

    Without stopping to think about it too long, top moment would have to be keeping our little guy alive for 2 years now, means we must be doing something right #dreamteam

  12. My top mummy moment would be seeing how they greet each other after a night away from each other. The eldest often goes swimming with her Grandma and stays the night with her. #DreamTeam

  13. These are such special moments!! It’s good to write them down and reflect on all the beautiful moments instead of nagging about the hard ones. A reminder, thank you! #dreamteam

  14. When they fall asleep in your arms with their head on your shoulder. When they look for you if they are hurt or frightened. Watching toddlers dance. The coos infants make when they try to converse with you. Those are a few of mine. #DreamTeam

  15. The moment my two girls first held hands. Their bravery two weeks ago today on starting at a new school in a new country. The first time i held their tiny hands! The list goes on forever I’m told.

    1. Oh I had forgotten that – my eldest was Joseph in reception and I thought I might burst with pride ha ha

  16. This is a lovely celebration of the big and little events that have made you the mum you are. A lovely reminder that the love shines through even on the tough day (yes, I’m going through the terrible twos with my youngest at the moment…) #dreamteam

    1. My girls are 3, but one of them has decided now is the time for huge tantrums – man its tough. I need the positive list 😉 #DreamTeam

  17. So lovely to read your list. My baby boy is 11 weeks only, so he can’t do much, but I love when he smiles and “talks” to me when what he really should be doing is to feed. He just comes off the breast, looks at me, smiles, cooes and after a while continues feeding. He almost has this “I know I’m being naughty” look on his face. 😀

    1. Oh 11 week’s how lovely. I can still remember that time when you are literally their world – precious enjoy it! Although it is exhausting too

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