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14 Things that make me smile


I love nice things and a fabulous pair of designer shoes is always guaranteed to make my heart beat faster. What I have realised though is that it’s actually very simple things that make me truly happy. Here are 14 simple things that make me smile.

14 Simple things that make me smile

  1. A fresh set of sheets at bedtime – is there anything nicer than getting into a set of crisps clean sheets? Delicious
  2. A belly laugh from the children – You know that pampers advert laugh that only toddlers seem to create. I shall miss it when they grow up.
  3. A successful run – for me this means 10km in under an hour
  4. One of the children achieving something they are proud of (the picture on this post is of our little boy getting an award from school – oh the pride!!)
  5. Watching my children swim – I swam competitively and am a swimming teacher so I love to see them enjoying and excelling at swimming
  6. Going on holiday or even just a sunny day works for me. I love the sun
  7. Having dinner and watching tv with the husband (told you I was easily pleased)
  8. A fish finger sandwich – yum!
  9. A fresh bunch of flowers
  10. Messy play – some of the best times with the kids have involved getting very messy
  11. Having a few drinks and dinner with my family – they are bonkers but all very funny
  12. The pop of a cork – ohhh how I love that sound!!
  13. Going to the loo alone – it’s rare with two toddlers but it does happen
  14. Drinking a hot cup of coffee (see above point for limitations)

What simple things make you smile?



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