Autumn Crafts for Toddlers

We love a bit of arts and crafts here no matter the time of year, but I definitely think that Autumn really lends itself to crafts and there are lots of things that can be done with little kids and toddlers very easily.  There also tends to be a lot of glitter involved and I do love a bit of glitter especially in autumn crafts for toddlers!!  I know it is messy, but all that glitters really is gold in my opinion….  At this time of year, especially, I just like to let them go wild and get creative. These are the autumn craft ideas that we have been working on and I promise you they all take minimal effort and are easy for you and them.

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Autumn Crafts for Toddlers

Firework Rockets

For this one you will need an empty loo roll, glue, glitter, paint, coloured card jewels, ribbon, crepe paper,  glitter foam pieces, glitter card, stickers or anything else you like to use to decorate

  1. Paint the toilet rolls and leave to dry a bit.  They will dry quickly, but you can use a hairdryer to speed it up or just use glue and crepe paper to cover the whole thing
  2. Draw a circle on your card (around double the circumference of the loo roll) and cut it out
  3. Make a gentle fold in half just so you know where the middle of the circle is and then cut a slit to the centre
  4. Roll into a cone shape and glue or tape
  5. Let the kids go wild decorating their rockets
  6. Dip the top of the loo roll into the glue and stick on the top
  7. Use bits of ribbon or strips of crepe paper to make the tail (flames) of the rocket
  8. Finally add a ribbon loop to the top if you want to be able to hang it.   

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Leaf Printing

I love this craft activity as it gets you and your toddler out and about and then doing the craft itself.  You can actually fill a whole morning with this activity without it feeling like water torture.  So we start by heading out in the local area and collecting different types of leaves.  It doesn’t really matter what type they are, but I was using A4 paper for this so I made sure that we chose some smaller ones so that they could fit on the page.  So for this activity you will need:  paper, paint in autumnal colours, glitter (of course) and leaves

  1. Cover up their clothes (we just took off tops and went outside as it was so warm that day) as this can be a bit messy for them
  2. Let your toddlers dip the leaves in the paint and get printing
  3. Add glitter 
Leaf printing Autumn Craft Ideas
Leaf Printing Autumn Craft Ideas

Autumn Trees

You will need paper, paint in autumnal colours and a small child’s fingers!

I paint the basic tree onto the paper and then get them to finger print and paint the leaves onto the tree and onto the floor.  They can go wild after all in autumn the leaves are everywhere!

Autumn trees
Paint autumn tree ideas


Paint Fireworks

All you need is black paper, paint in bright colours and glitter.  This is so simple even younger toddlers don’t need you to be involved. They may need to guided so that the whole place doesn’t get covered in paint, but they can do it themselves and they look great.

You can let your toddlers either use paint brushes, straws or fingers to create the shapes. Then just add glitter and apparently eyes as well according to my toddlers!

Autumn Craft Ideas
Fireworks crafts for kids

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