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Birthday Season

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In some parts of the world there is parade season or mardi gras season; a time of seemingly endless celebrations and in the lead up to it lots of very busy people trying to get too much done in too short a time.  Here at Navigating Baby we have our own silly season…  April and May are ‘Birthday Season’ when 5 out of 6 of us celebrate (commiserate in my case) our birthdays.  In fact 4 of us have our birthday in one week so to say I am busy during birthday season is an understatement.  I also tend to stack on the pounds as there is nothing to eat in the house apart from party food and cake.  Endless amounts of cake…

This chaotic situation is entirely of my own making.  My lack of forethought or perhaps inability to do basic maths is to blame. I decided to have these little people (I did let my husband have a say too – in case you were wondering!) and I knew this growing a baby malarkey took 9 months, but it never occurred to me to do the maths!  We are in a slightly unusual position in that I have to take clomid (fertility drug) to get pregnant and this drug works immediately with me and clearly very well since I have 4 littles.  So anyway a conscious decision has to be made to take the tablets and conceive.  So why oh why didn’t we spread out the birthdays?  I blame that old biological clock going tick tick tick so very loudly every time one of my babies began to walk and didn’t seem like a baby anymore! I was almost overcome each time by an urgency to have another baby.  Funnily enough the twins were enough to break me of that habit!!

So now I find myself starting to think birthday season every March in preparation for April and this doesn’t stop until mid may once it is all over.  At this point I can be found in a corner muttering to myself about no more big parties and swearing that next year there will be no party bags…

This is all great news for you lovely reader as I now have lots of ideas for kids birthday parties and how to get through them and I will be sharing these with you over the coming days.  Some of the fun ideas I will share are pirate face biscuits, pirate fondant cake toppers, vegetable swords, football cupcakes, princess face cupcakes the list goes on and I hope you find some useful stuff.

My biggest tip for you is don’t worry – kids don’t care!  As long as there are presents and cake they are good…

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