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A Happy Birthday Ode to the Twins

A happy birthday poem for my beautiful, smart and funny little girls as they turn 3…

Happy birthday

When they said it was twins my heart skipped a beat

4 under 4; how would I manage that feat?

Our little family to double…

Oh Lord!  We were in trouble!!

But, manage we did and now here we are

3 years down the road; still standing, still laughing and having come so far

You little ladies brighten each day

So similar really, but each with your own way

Confident and smiley, one quiet, one loud

Both cheeky and determined you make me so proud

You are learning each day and growing so fast

Playing with your brothers and just having a blast

I love you both dearly for all that you do

The laughing, the cuddles even the tantrums too!

Well… no not the tantrums; they suck times two and make me blue

But, one cheeky smile or mummy I love you

and it’s all forgotten;  I’ll forgive you each time

Because at the end of it all I’m yours and you’re mine

Happy Birthday Ladies

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  1. This is so lovely! four under four….amazing work. and your twins are so gorgeous too. thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this and happy birthday to your beautiful twins xx

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