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Christmas through the years

For day 6 of #Blogmas2018 the theme is Christmas through the years.   I am currently preparing for a Christmas party that we are hosting tonight so I am crazy busy and I am very late with this post!!  Still better late than never… I am just going to share some photos with you for this one. 


Taking pictures at Christmas is a great way of tracking the growth and development of the kids.  I know we have birthdays, but at Christmas the focus is on all the kids so I love to see how they have all grown in relation to one another as we look back a Christmas through the years.  As Christmas approaches again it is odd to think that there was ever a time when these little people were not around.  Christmas is now all about them, but as they get older fun for us is starting to creep in again and I am looking forward to a good bit of Champers and yummy food.  


2011 12012Christmas through the years2014

Copy of 2016    2016 12017 v2

Me Becoming Mum





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