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Day 12 #Blogtober18 Loving these right now

So far this has been a very positive month.  The kids are behaving themselves, the first parents meetings of the year have gone off without a hitch (i.e. no bad behaviour reports) and the girls have started nursery as happy as can be so there are lots of smiley faces around these parts.  Today’s #blogtober18 post for day 12 is all about positive stuff as it is loving these right now.  Well I am loving lots right now so I am doing a little list.

Loving these right now list:

    • The weather –  It is so beautiful and sunny.  I am a big fan of the summer, but when the sun shines and it is still over 20 degrees the colours of autumn are just breathtaking.  It is so awesome to still be able to get outside and have fun.  We have even been having lunchtime picnicsblogtober18
    • A midi skirt –  I am a little obsessed with a midi skirt.   They are the perfect cross between long and short to make them ideal for autumn and spring.  Once I decide a silouhuette works for me I always get a bit carried away so I have ordered 3.  Combine a midi with an animal print or a metallic material and oh I am a happy camper so these skirts are my total fav. These are the total definition of loving these right now. Affiliate link:

  • midi skirt

    • Baking – I love to bake and I am really enjoying coming up with healthy alternatives for my son’s lunchbox.  I want him to enjoy his lunch and feel like he is getting a few treats, but I don’t want to pump him full of refined sugars all the time.  So far he is happy to eat my alternatives and hasn’t noticed.  My favourite is the Healthy Banana Muffin
    • I love to bake
    • My new free time.  My girls are now at nursery for 2.5 days a week and the house is quiet.  I do miss them, but it is lovely to have time to start getting things done around the house as well as getting my CV writing business back on track.  I have so many people in the queue right now I need to focus so it is great not having to do all of that in the evening
    • Vegan Snacks – I am not vegan and don’t think I ever could be, but I do appreciate the health benefits and after a summer of too much prosecco and french bread I need to do some healthy eating so I am excited about a couple of new kids on the block Choc Chick and Wallaroo. They both kindly sent me some samples and I am loving these as snacks right now.  More info coming soon…. Affiliate link:


    • Peppermint Oil – we recently had an intruder of the rodent variety.  Which, although, not unusual in a city, is still grim so I once it was no longer with us I was keen to not have any future visitors so I have investigated natural options to keep the little critters away and I am loving peppermint oil.  It is a smell that those little furry creatures don’t like and turns out I love!  I mix it with water in a spray bottle and use it to wipe over the floor.  The kitchen smells awesome.  Affiliate link:


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  1. We have had wind and rain all week but it has been warmer than it should be.
    That skirt is gorgeous!
    I’m not vegan but I love Vegan snacks too. They do seem so much healthier x

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