First Week of School

So that is it; all of my babies are at school.  After the initial excitement of the first week of school activities and how busy everything has been I must admit that I had a wobbly first week of being a SAHM without any kids at home.  The girls were so excited for the first week of school, but I must confess to feeling rather emotional about the whole thing.

I think I might have found the first week of school rather difficult anyway as it is a big change to go from having two kids at home all day (4 at one point) to being on my own all day, but emotions were heightened for a few reasons.

The first was that I managed to smash my head off the wall whilst tidying the playroom… Who knew that was a danger sport?!  This left me with an egg sized bump above my eyebrow.  I felt so sorry for myself and being on my own when it happened felt so very sad.  I am not sure what I thought two four olds would have done if they were at home, but oh it made me cry…

More importantly one of my girls was finding the first week of school really hard.  She has a speech delay and whilst her development is considered just within ‘normal’ she is behind others her age.  She gets tired more easily as a result.  She also has glue ear and so can’t always hear properly.  These two things combined  make a little girl who is exhausted and frustrated.  In her first week of school she was refusing to get into line at the end of break and was getting really stressed out when asked to do things by the teachers.  She kept screaming ‘no never’ at them.  Not ideal!  The SENCO called me and said that they had given her a time out which involved her standing by the wall during play time.  This upset her elder brother so much that he went to see the Deputy Head to make sure she knew that his sister had difficulty understanding things.  That tipped me over the edge.  I was so upset that they both went through this. 

I think to do this to a 4 year old in their first week of school is just not right.  I have asked that it doesn’t happen again and that if she needs to have time out they take her out of the playground and don’t humiliate her or upset her brothers by making her stand by the wall.  I totally understand that the kids need to learn the boundaries at school, but there is just no point in doing this as she won’t understand what she is doing there.  In fact I cried about it, but when I asked her about her day she said she had a great time and was really happy.

I should add that I have ever faith in the school that my kids are at.  They have been amazing with their response to my son’s issues with reading and writing so I am sure that they will take the same supportive approach to settling my daughter into school.  I am also happy to say that by the end of the week the had got two stickers for being good and was totally thrilled with herself.  She will be fine!

My other little lady has also been struggling with missing me.  She has been crying at drop off and telling me that she likes school, but gets sad in the day as she wants mummy.  How heart breaking is that?  Today I told her that I had put some extra love in her dress pocket and that if she felt like she missed mummy or felt sad all she had to do was reach into her pocket and then mummy’s love would flow up her arm and into her heart.  She went in without crying this morning so I really hope that it works for her all day.  She does also tell me that she loves school, but just wishes mummy could be there with her.

So all in all the first week of school was emotionally draining and we are all exhausted.  I am sure that over time we will all get used to this new normal and it is just going to take extra cuddles and early nights for everyone!  In the meantime if you have any ideas for settling kids and mummies into the first few weeks of school please let me know.

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34 thoughts on “First Week of School

  1. How lovely is her elder brother tho? What a brave young boy! As for hitting your head, was it the 'open the wardrobe, bend down to pick something up then smash your head on the open door as you stand up'? Last time I did that I had to see a dr as there was so much blood and I think I was slightly concussed. And I was more embarrassed by having to explain that I'd done it before (and apparently never learnt!) Cupboards are very dangerous things apparently. #Dreamteam
    1. I know isn't he a sweetheart! It was a wall,but as I was turning to put stuff in the cupboard. I think I may have been a bit concussed I felt very wobbly for the few days afterwards. I probably should have seen a doctor! #DreamTeam
  2. Aww the first week is big changes i am sure with time everyone will adjust to the new routine X #dreamteam
    1. It is much more settled now. #DreamTeam
      1. Oh what a week you had! I've still got two at home with me but 'losing' Stanley has felt weird. I keep doing a 360° when we're out to grab his hand. Reading about the wall incident I think I would have reacted the same as you itseemed incredibly ott on the first week when emotions are running high and everyone is settling into a new environment and routine. I hope things have calmed down a bit now! #DreamTeam
        1. Everything has totally calmed down and I think we are all good now. She is loving it so that is the main thing! Today I had to go collect her early as she had fallen and hit her head. She didn't want to leave. She actually cried and said she didn't wanted to go home, but wanted to stay and play lol! #DreamTeam
  3. I found your link party through the new inlinkz directory (so great that they have this now). It's great discovering new blogs. I host a link-up too on Wednesdays and you're welcome to join if you like. x, Julie |
    1. Thats great. Thanks so much for joining us. I will definitely try and join in your linky and hope to see you back next week. #DreamTeam
  4. Thanks for your vulnerable sharing about all the adjustments. I know your post will help others who are also struggling with the transition to school. It's hardly ever seamless!
    1. Awh thanks for your kind comments. #DreamTeam
  5. Oh that is hard. Do the school know of her delay and glue ear? It's easy for even the most confident of kids to become overwhelmed with the changes the school brings. I hope it gets easier and have a chat with your SENCO if you need too - there are different statistics but figures saying between 20-50% of kids in primary school have some extra SEN support so use it if you want to. #dreamteam
    1. They do know and in the main have been supportive of her and her needs. In fact I have seen a big leap in her speech since she started so fingers crossed #DreamTeam
  6. Woah, that sounds like a rollercoaster of a week alright, hopefully things will settle so that you can enjoy some of the newfound freedom also :) #dreamteam
    1. It has really settled down now and they are very happy which is all I need to know #DreamTeam
  7. Lovely school uniform pic for starters and just another milestone among many. I remember that feeling of being all alone in the house which I had craved but then felt super lonely. I am right at the other end now with an 18 year old overseas who started his first week in college last week. At least yours come home on a night time - enjoy because I can tell you it goes fast #DreamTeam
  8. Well done for getting through it. My little boy is only one but I already can't imagine him not being at home with me when he has to go to school!
    1. It is very odd being along all day, but it is good too. I needed the space to get all the things done that I haven't done in the past 8 years #DreamTeam
  9. It was great to see big brother standing up for his little sister! #DreamTeam
    1. I know bless him! #DreamTeam
  10. Sounds like a tough week! I've had a couple of wobbly days at school too, thank goodness that bump on your head wasn't a knock out! Scary x #DreamTeam
    1. I think I was very lucky not to have knocked myself out. There is still a bump some three weeks later! #DreamTeam
  11. That was a tough week! But it sounds like you all got through it in the end. I hope your Daughter gets the support she needs. #dreamteam
    1. It was, but I am pleased to report she is doing great now #DreamTeam
  12. Oh wow, that sounds like a very emotionally exhausting week - I hope you and the kiddies are okay?!? Sending virtual hugs and wine #DreamTeam
    1. It was very draining, but things seem much more settled now thankfully. #DreamTeam
  13. I feel your pain Kirsty! It is a big adjustment for everyone. It definitely sounded a bit harsh putting a little girl standing up against the wall in her first week of school - they need time to settle in and that won't happen in a couple of days. It takes time and understanding. I hope things have continued to improve each day and that everyone is happy with their new normal - you included! #dreamteam
    1. Things have definitely settled down. Now we are just dealing with the tiredness. I expected that though. #dreamteam
  14. Oh my gosh all the emotions you've had going back to school! It's hard enough seeing our babies off on their new journey without added stress. I hope it all works out soon and your bumped he'd is better #dreamteam
    1. It was a bumpy ride there for a minute,but thankfully we seem to have all settled into it now #DreamTeam
  15. Oh, I'm so sorry that your little girl had to go through all that. It does seem very harsh for her first week at school. I'm pleased that her week ended on a high though. My little girl just started school at the beginning of September and we've had good days and not so good days. She's only cried once in the morning but sometimes she says she doesn't want to go. I think it's more to do with tiredness than anything else, as she only has positive things to tell me about school. I still have my little boy at home to distract me, but those first couple of weeks without her, I could have cried at the drop of a hat. I'm doing better now (as long as I don't think too much about it!). #dreamteam
    1. I must say I am enjoying my time on my own, but I do miss them so much. They are shattered, but generally very positive and keen to do
  16. Sounds like you're suffering from starting/back-to-school empty nest syndrome - the subject of my #DreamTeam offering this week! #DreamTeam
    1. Totally - your post caught my eye for that reason! #DreamTeam
  17. It is so upsetting that the teacher did this during the FIRST WEEK of school to a FOUR YEAR OLD who is new to the entire institution. Absolutely wrong of them. Hopefully it gets better. #DreamTeam

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