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Settling into school life after the first half term

As you know my little girls started school this September and so have just finished their first half term as school girls.  The time has gone so fast that I actually can’t even believe that I am saying that, but here we are…  So I thought I would update you all on how we are all settling into school life after the first half term and do mean ‘all’ as it has certainly been an adjustment for me being home alone everyday.

settling into school life
How we are settling into school life after the first half term

The Girls

After a slightly rocky start to being in Reception with one of the girls saying she missed mummy and the other struggling with school routines I feel like by half term they had it nailed. 

My little love who has glue ear and some undetermined development delays had a couple of days where she threw the most almighty tantrums whilst at school.  On one day she just seemingly randomly freaked out in the lunch hall.  No one knew why… She was eating her lunch apparently and then boom!  Tantrum…  It took two teachers giving up their lunch break and sitting with her doing puzzles to get her back on track.  As her mummy it is this type of thing makes me concerned about her progress, but the fact that the teachers were willing to do that for her and ultimately got her back to 0 made me feel way better about the challenges she faces.  She is starting to trust her teachers which is great as at nursery she refused to speak to most of them until Christmas.  Also I am delighted to say that a hearing test this week showed that the glue ear is gone (at least for now) and her hearing is totally back to normal.  Since she started school her speech has come on in leaps and bounds.  I am totally loving hearing her talk in full sentences and being able to tell me when she is cross about something.  She has also started to be able to write her name and recognise the sounds which is lovely to see.  She is getting it and I am so happy for her.  I am still seeing the meltdowns.  In fact she had one this morning on the way to school.  I quite often have no idea what triggered it, but to her there is a an issue so I am using every last drop of my patience to be understanding.  She is only four after all so sometimes a big cuddle is all she needs from me.  I think she is still finding the whole thing exhausting.

Our other little lady is thriving in an environment where she can learn.  She is so desperate to be able to read and write; she wants to practice all the time.  We have put up the whiteboard easel for her at home so she can start doing her practising there and not on my walls….  We did have a few tears on the first day back after half term as she didn’t want to leave me, but all in all she loves school.  I am waiting to hear what they will say about her at the parents meetings that are coming up as she has told me that some of the other girls in her class are very bossy.  Now I know my little girl and to me that says the others aren’t doing what she tells them 🙂  It is lovely to hear that she is making new friends and really settling into school life.  

The boys

School is nothing new to them, but obviously each year is different. 

Our eldest seems to be doing great.  He has a problem with not being able to stop chatting sometimes in class, but he really is trying hard with his work and homework.  Speaking of homework there is a definite step up in year 4 and he took a minute to adjust, but I am also already seeing a more grown up attitude from him to school life and taking responsibility for his work.  We have dialled back on after school activities so that as well as doing homework and learning he can also have some down time where the fun isn’t organised.  I think this is the right decision for him.

I have mentioned before that our younger son has been struggling with reading and writing and may be dyslexic.  Since going to back to school he really seems to be focused on improving and is trying hard.  We are supporting him at home with an online learning programme for dyslexic kids called Nessy and just focusing on giving him confidence. The school also gave me some ideas of ways that I can help him when he is reading and the whole thing has become less stressful.  I am not saying he loves reading as he really doesn’t, but as his confidence grows so does his willingness.  His teachers have said he making great progress and that they too have seen a change in is attitude.  I am thrilled that when his teacher asks to have a quick word it is not because he has done something daft – phew!! 

Do you think I have tempted fate by saying that?  Probably.  He is one of those kids who really needs building up and needs lots of praise.  He has been getting that at school and I am seeing pride from him which I just love.  Long may it continue.


So how am I settling into school life?  I think I had a harder time adjusting than the girls did.  I was so emotional for at least 3 weeks when the girls started school.  I honestly didn’t expect it to hit me so hard.  It was odd,  but I both loved the quiet and was freaking out!  One thing I have noticed is that I am way less productive now that I have all this time available.  It doesn’t make sense really, but I have been quite stressed about getting projects finished as I am constantly busy… Busy doing what?   I hear you cry…  Lord only knows….  I am the queen of procrastination and starting a thousand things at once it seems.  It has been fab to be able to attend some events for bloggers and some learning workshops so I am enjoying that freedom.  I do need to set myself up with a bit more of a routine though.  I am also enjoying being able to take on some new roles like being in the PTA at school.  I have wanted to do something for a while, but just didn’t have the time so I am looking forward to being more involved.  I think it is a great way to make other mum friends from different years as well as hopefully enhance school life for my kids and others.  So on the whole I am enjoying this new part of my life, but I won’t lie I have been a bit down at times as I do also miss that part of my life.  Thank goodness I am not younger as I might have been tempted to have another baby 😉

We just had our half term break and this made me feel way more positive about the whole being home along each day as oh my goodness having them all at home for a week was bedlam!  I don’t know how I actually did this everyday. 

surviving half term
Our half term!

I am still shattered now.  Literally it broke me… The fighting was something else.  If I organised one activity I organised a million, but they lose interest so quickly I barely had time to tidy up from one thing before we were onto the next.  It was an exhausting week and has made me appreciate my quiet days all the more.  I could also see how much the kids need to be at school.  On holiday days were I got them to do some ‘work’ like reading or practising writing or their maths online learning they were just way nicer.  Those brains need to be kept busy it seems or they just plot how to drive mummy loopy!!  

How are your kids getting on now that the school year is in full swing?  I would love to hear about it and if you are still on half term then god speed lol!!

22 thoughts on “Settling into school life after the first half term”

  1. I remember well the stage you are at. Those first few weeks when they go to school are hard, but the spare time is wonderful, then suddenly it goes in a flash and they are home again without you having achieved much. Sounds like they are all adjusting well, welcome to a new era. #DreamTeam

  2. As a former teacher, I can tell you that we love the kids in our classes and never mind giving up our lunch breaks to give them a helping hands. It’s amazing how quickly we can devour our lunches before the whistle blows for the kids to come in! #DreamTeam

    1. Its a useful skill to have! My daughter is loving her 1:1 time with the head so much that I think she may start having tantrums just to get more 😉 #DreamTeam

  3. I love your half term routine pin! I think it’s a big adjustment for the kids and us. I also find that you keep tweaking routines and new challenges each school year. Keeps us on our toes! #dreamteam

  4. I love the holidays but we tend to go out and about (to get them off their devices without argument) so less of that ‘finding stuff to do’. Love that meme with the ‘give up’ part. Hehehe #Dreamteam

  5. That Half-term schedule sounded exactly like how ours went down except we didn’t go out much apart from trick or treating. Reception is always a hard step, and I’m sure the step into KS2 is another big step. We’re just starting to settle now but with Xmas just around the corner Im not sure it’ll last lol. #DreamTeam

  6. I am already freaking out about my daughter going to school and it is still 2 years away! She is at nursery 3 days a week and that works well for us, but the whole school routine terrifies me. Sounds like you are all starting to settle into your routine nicely 🙂 #DreamTeam

  7. It sounds like everyone is doing just fine 🙂 Isn’t it great that the teachers were able to help your little one down from a tantrum like that. I think you’ve got a gem of a school there. Fingers crossed for another fantastic term. #DreamTeam xx

  8. It’s so nice to hear the little girls are settling into their new routine and I’m happy you are also! I can only imagine it must feel strange to sit in the quiet house for the first time in years. #DreamTeam

  9. It’s the second half term of reception for our middle one too – before half term I arrived to collect him only to find him fast asleep on a bean bag, but thankfully that hasn’t happened again yet! #DreamTeam

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