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Have we survived half term? #Blogtober18 Day 27

Those involved in #blogtober18 may have noticed that I missed a few days and that my lovely readers is because the answer to the above question ‘have we survived half term?’  is barely….  On the last day before half term my girls couldn’t go to nursery as they had temperatures and were clearly not very well.  It went downhill from there…

Actually the half term week started off rather well for me as the girls were feeling better by Saturday and so I was able to head off into town to see a screening of ‘After the Screaming Stops’ with my oldest friend who I have known since I was in nursery.  It is a film in theory about Bros who we loved when we were around 11 years old, but is in actuality a funny, moving and entirely fascinating study of a fractured sibling relationship and in fact of being twins.  It was honestly amazing and I had no expectations of it when I went.  The shame of it is that because it is about Bros most people won’t go and see it.  Anyway after watching that we went for dinner and then cocktails so around 12 hours after I left home I came back home.  It was a great afternoon and evening especially as it is so rare that she and I can spend that amount of time together just having a good old catch up.  There is something very special about a friend that has known you for that long.   The only shame was that our little sisters couldn’t join us, but next time as AKALVIC was always a foursome!


half term how we survived

It was Sunday that it all went a bit downhill.  The weather was so beautiful I had a summer dress on.  We headed to the playground and had a really lovely family day out, but unfortunately that evening I started to feel unwell.  My mum then called to say she was feeling really ill so wouldn’t be able to come the following day.  Cue frantic emails to clients to rearrange calls and a change of plan for activities.

The boys fortunately had a holiday club for the first three days of half term so they could still get out and about and enjoy themselves whilst I felt steadily worse and worse each day.  The girls were also still under the weather and so most of our half term plans were abandoned in favour of indoor more sedentary activities like crafts, play doh and movies.  Thank goodness for the electronic babysitter of the TV as when they were all home I had to say goodbye to screen time rules and let them watch a movie.  I could barely stay awake during the afternoons.  I kept reminding myself that this was just a cold, but oh my goodness it was a corker of a cold which really wiped me out this week and so didn’t make half term very fun really.  I tried to keep the kids as occupied as possible whilst still getting some rest.  As it stands today 5 out of 6 of us have had this rotten cold so I am just waiting to see whether our biggest boy is next in line or whether he is made of stronger stuff than the rest of us.

We did manage to get out a bit though and still did playground trips and went to the cinema as well as playing in the garden and popping out for lunch at their favourite cafe.  So all in all I hope that they still had a good break and although it does suck a bit to be ill during half term at least it meant that they should all be well rested and ready for the onslaught and fun that is the lead up to Christmas at school.  It was still good to have a bit of a break from the hectic weekdays with its clubs and that blasted school run.  The rest of half term (tomorrow) will just be put the clocks back, prep for halloween, finish homework and then back to school!


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