affirmations for self love for kids

45 Kids Affirmations for Self Love

Kids affirmations for self love

As we continue to plough our way through the quagmire that is living through a pandemic I continue to become more and more focused on the concepts of self care and self love.   And I have been using affirmations for self love to help keep me strong and positive during all the ups and downs that we have had to face, but what about the kids? 

self love affirmations for kids

The effects of this on them are really unknown at this point, but I have already seen with my own children that their self confidence has taken a knock.  I think all their resilience has been used up just dealing with the pandemic and now being at school and having to handle all the entirely normal aspects of growing up and interacting with peers is a lot for them to deal with. 

So I have started using affirmations for self love with them too after all the journey to self love and positivity can be a long one so why not start young.  I thought I would share them in case your kids could also use some extra positivity and self love right about now.

What are affirmations and why bother?

Affirmations are simple statements that when repeated and internalised can help you to shift negative thinking and change your outlook to be more positive.  Speaking affirmations for self love can help an individual develop self esteem and an inner positivity that then frames their outlook on the world.  

With the kids affirmations for self love I tend to say them to them and ask them to repeat after me.  We do this in the morning before heading to school and I use different affirmations for different children depending on what I understand to be the issues they are facing.  

positive affirmations for self love

I believe that doing this on a daily basis will support my children to develop a positive sense of self and to face the world each day feeling good.  What is the saying ‘if you don’t love yourself how is anyone else going to love you?’

I have put together some of the affirmations for self love for kids that we use and that my children enjoy.

Kids Affirmations for Self Love 

  1. I will be kind to myself today
  2. Everybody messes up sometimes
  3. Everyday I am learning and that is enough
  4. I shouldn’t be hard on myself
  5. My best is good enough
  6. I am human and we all make mistakes
  7. I can try new things and not worry if I make a mistake
  8. I am learning from my mistakes
  9. I will keep trying
  10. My struggles are opportunities
  11. I will not worry about yesterday; Today is a new opportunity
  12. I am growing wiser each day.
  13. I won’t always get everything right first time and that is ok;  I will just try again and ask for help when I need it
  14. I can do it
  15. I try my best, and that is all I can do
  16. I am loved
  17. I deserve to be loved
  18. I deserve to have friends who care about me
  19. I accept all of me with love
  20. I deserve to be happy
  21. Today will be a good day 
  22. My friends will be happy to see me
  23. Like everyone, I have both strengths and weaknesses
  24. No one is perfect affirmation for self love
  25. I believe in myself
  26. I am enough
  27. I am perfectly unique
  28. I love who I am
  29. I am not afraid of my feelings
  30. I am exactly who I should be
  31. I am ok just the way I am
  32. I trust in myself
  33. I can deal with whatever comes my way
  34. I love me!
  35. I can achieve my goals
  36. If I find something difficult I will keep trying
  37. I can ask for help
  38. I am beautiful inside and out
  39. My body is amazing
  40. My brain is amazing
  41. I am strong and healthy
  42. I am confident
  43. My ideas are valid and worth sharing
  44. I accept me just the way I am
  45. I am proud of me

Self love is, in my opinion absolutely vital to having a healthy relationship with yourself and others.  It is the key to being happy and I have become so focused on this recently that I have launched a new Instagram account and website all about just that –  @just15forme and in case you were wondering… 

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  1. thisiswhereitisat

    Fantastic list of affirmations. Words are very powerful and can have a big impact x #mischiefandmemories

  2. Fantastic list of affirmations! They are such an important part of my parenting. They provide vital positivity on children’s self worth and self image xx #MischiefandMemories

  3. Oh these are such lovely affirmations and such good messages to keep reminding children that they are good enough, that they are loved and that their best is good enough. #MischiefandMemories

  4. Our school was really hot on affirmations during lockdown when the schools were closed – there was one for the day everyday on Zoom & I think it really helped #mischiefandmemories

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