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What do the Suffragettes mean to me?

I have been a bit post happy today so apologies for that, but I couldn’t resist writing this one today as I have always been inspired by the Suffragette movement.  As we remember the suffragette movement and the sacrifices that women made 100 years ago so that I could have a vote I was thinking about […]

Potty Training Twins – Day One

Last night as I lay down to go to sleep I was feeling more than a little trepidation at the thought of potty training twins.  My previous two potty training experiences were very different.  The first time was a total nightmare Click Here to read about that shambles! and the second time was a total dream.  He […]

Potty Training Twins

Its time – the time I have been dreading since they were born.  I have to potty train these twins.  Potty training has never really been my strong suit.  It certainly has not been a part of parenting that I have enjoyed.  I wonder though does anyone enjoy having pee and excrement everywhere for a […]

I want to be alone

Being alone – a mummy challenge

In the words of Greta Garbo ‘I want to be alone’.  This is a thought that I would never have had prior to having the littles.  Being an extrovert I love company and have always struggled when spending too much time alone.  Being alone is never something that appealed to me.  Even as a child […]

Managing Twins Squabbling

How one twin mummy handles squabbling twins

Twins Development Comparison

There are so many things written about twins development especially around speech delay that its easy to become unnecessarily concerned.  What I find the hardest when raising my twins is not comparing their development. I try to remind myself that they are different people and no similar than any other siblings and that I shouldn’t keep […]

10 things not to say to a twin mummy

When you are a twin mummy there are certain things that well meaning strangers say to you at least a hundred times a day.  Sometimes, especially when they are little its like being a z list celebrity.  People stare a lot and often point.  This happens most when they see me with all four littles.  […]

Toddler Independence is a pain

Toddler independence is a pain at the best of times. Their desire to ‘do it myself’ always means taking sooooo much time.  However, when you are trying to get four kids ready and out of the house by 8:40am it is just a catastrophe (as they say on Furchester Hotel – cbeebies is always in my […]

double buggy user

Lament of a Double Buggy User

An open letter from a Double Buggy User To my fellow humans I confess I am a double buggy user and this is an open letter to you all to apologise for the amount of space it takes up.  This is the lament of a double buggy user and a plea to you, my fellow […]