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6 ways my family will help the environment in 2019

I won’t lie I am not the most environmentally friendly person in the world.  I am guilty of popping something that could be recycled into the bin.  It has been known for me to forget my reusable shopping bags (ALWAYS!) so I get yet more plastic ones and I have an old house that is energy inefficient so wasteful of resources. 


However, these are all things I would like to change and think that 2019 is going to be the time to become more conscious of the impact my family is having on the environment.  Here are 6 ways that my family will help the environment in 2019:


  • Remember those shopping bags  – I have a some fold-able bags now that will fit in my handbag so I can always have them with me.  I hope that this will remove the excuse that I forgot the bags

  • As a family we will eat less meat especially less beef and pork.  This may be tricky as the kids love pork and mince, but will be trying some alternatives like turkey mince and chicken sausages
  • Recycle more.  I will try to lead by example and encourage the kids to recycle by explaining the consequences of not recycling
  • Use less water.  We will encourage the children to always take showers instead of a bath and insist that the tap is turned off whilst teeth are being brushed
  • Stop using plastic food bags and freezer bags altogether.  I was sent some Stasher Bags to try last year and they are brilliant so I have ordered more and will say goodbye to food bags and clingfilm by using reusable silicone alternatives

  • Use my bamboo coffee cup.  I always forget to bring it, but like the shopping bags I have one that folds so I am promising myself to keep it in my handbag

It isn’t loads, but I am sure that every little helps.  I would like to help create a better future for my child and enable them to be part of the solution.  If you have any other ideas of how families can help to protect the environment please do leave your comments as I would love to know how we could do more.

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