Pirate Faces Cupcake Toppers

After the recent spate of birthday celebrations I have had to get on my creative baking hat and come up with some interesting cupcake toppers to go with the theme.  You can buy lots of Pirate faces cupcake toppers online and some of them are fondant like these, but there is a distinct lack of girl pirate stuff.  Erm….  we can be pirates too you know it is 2018!  So for the 5yrs old’s birthday I decided to make them myself.  I thought some of you might be interested to know how to do them and so here we go.  I have also included a simple cupcake recipe.


Pirate Faces Cupcake Toppers

You will need:

Fondant icing in flesh colour, blue, pink, red, black and white

A round cookie cutter

A rolling pin (plastic is best as it won’t stick so readily)


A knife

A small paintbrush

A toothpick



How to:

Flour your surface with icing sugar

Roll out the flesh coloured fondant icing to around a couple of mm thick.  You need to be able to still pick it up without it breaking, but don’t want it to be thick as that will be horrible to eat

Cut out a circle and set to one side

Roll out blue or pink or red (depending on what colour you want the bandana) so that it is a couple of mm thick and cut the top third off the circle.  Save the leftovers for the next one

Put some water (a couple of drops) on the top third of your flesh coloured circle and put the semi circle on top.  The water will stick it on

pirate cupcake topper

Take a small amount of white fondant and breaking off even smaller pieces roll tiny balls

Use a drop of water to stick each one on randomly around the ‘bandana’  You may need to use your toothpick to help with this.  I use this baking tool or my fingers!

Press each white dot down slightly just so it flattens and looks like spots on the material

Next take some black and make a tiny ball which you will then stick on using water to be his/her eye

For the other eye you make a patch.  I just take a small ball of black and use my fingers to flatten and shape it so it looks like an eye patch

Stick this onto the face using water where the other eye would go

Again using black take a small amount and roll a very thin sausage shape.  This will be the strap for the eye patch so should run across the face from either side of the eye patch

With the leftover of the sausage you can make a smiley mouth shape and again stick on with water

Finally take a small bit of your flesh colour and roll a tiny ball.  Stick this into the middle of the face as the nose and you are done!

Pirate girl cupcake topper


Finally you need to add the fondant topper to the cupcake.  You can melt jam to do this, but I just use icing sugar mixed with water.  It should be fairly thick in consistency, but be spreadable.  I just pop a small amount onto the top of a fully cooled cupcake and gently press the cupcake topper on.  Once left to dry it will be stuck on.

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9 thoughts on “Pirate Faces Cupcake Toppers”

  1. #thesatsesh ummm so these beauts are GORGEOUS! How talented you are, I usually ask my firend to help me out, i lack patience wit h’crafty’ things…may be this is something i need to work on? Feeling inspired 🙂

  2. Hey Kristy, these look so amazing! My child is very much fond of pirates. Through your blog, I come to know the recipe which, I was looking for a long time. I will definitely try this. Thank you so much, keep sharing!

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