Staying sane in lockdown

10 ways of Staying Sane in Lockdown

Staying Sane in Lockdown 

Staying sane in lockdown 2.0 is the challenge facing us in the UK at the moment.  We have all experienced a lockdown now so as we enter into the second version we all still remember what it was like last time and whether you bear the memories of sudden enforced home educating or are afraid of being stuck at home alone, we all have our share of concerns about it.  So I have been thinking about staying sane in lockdown and have some suggestions that I hope will be useful for you all too.

Staying sane in lockdown

10 ways I am staying sane in lockdown

1 – Stop comparing now with then

  • This version of lockdown is different.  I don’t think it will be as bad.  The children are staying at school and more things will be open this time.  We may not be able to go out for lunch, but we can still get takeout from our favourite places for example.
  • I truly believe we have to stop looking backwards.  This is, I think, the key to staying sane in lockdown and throughout this pandemic.  If we keep comparing today to what went before then we will undoubtedly be miserable.  We have to look for any joy we can find.


staying sane in lockdown

2 – Zone your House

  • This may sound like a stupid thing to say if you are in a small flat or a shared house with only your bedroom to call your own, but even in a small space you can make a difference.  In a bedroom that you also have to work in you could think about screening off your bed with a foldable screen so that you don’t have to look at it whilst you are ‘at work’ or maybe you could add lots of cushions to your bed during the day to make it more sofaesque.  Creating different spaces for different things really makes a difference to your state of mind.  Being stuck in the same room for most of the time could get you down so by changing up the space and demarcating between work time and down time you can make it feel less oppressive.
  • If you have more space I recommend trying  to use all  of it.  Our home is big, but was definitely not designed to have 6 people in it ALL of the time so during the first lockdown it sometimes felt overcrowded.  I found that the key, for us, to staying sane in lockdown as a family was creating  different zones where we could all get space from one another.  For example we put the chalkboard into the hallway so that one of the kids could be out there doing writing or drawing  whilst another was reading in the family room and another was upstairs in the games room using the xbox and someone else was doing lego with me in the lounge.
  • This time we won’t have all of the kids home all of the time unless we have to isolate, but we still won’t be able to go out as much and so we have been busy transforming the garden into a more useable space even during the winter months.  The advantage of a small garden is that we can cover lots of it with sail shades and so be outside even when it rains.
  • We have also created an outdoor lounge area with a fire pit where mummy and daddy can go on a Friday night.  We can see  the kids in the family room watching a movie whilst we are outside having a glass of wine and a chat.  It feels like going out  even though we of course aren’t leaving the house.

3 – Demarcation between night and day

  • I really believe that working from home and staying in your PJs all day is bad for your mental health and the experts agree with me.  I recommend making an effort to get dressed for work even if you are sitting at home

4 – Get Outside

  • We are still allowed to walk with a friend so I say go ahead.  For me not having social contact is tricky and a barrier to staying sane in lockdown so being able to walk or work out with a friend will make all the difference this time.
  • Quite often in the UK we retreat inside as soon as winter starts to make it’s presence known, but this year we need to think like our Scandinavian cousins  We need to embrace ‘friluftsliv’ which literally means open air life.  It is about the recognition of the positive effect being outside and in nature has on our spiritual well being.

Staying sane in lockdown

5 – Netflix

  • If ever there was a time for catching up on your TV binges surely lockdown is it? I mean sure if you want to you can learn mandarin be my guest..  Ill be watching a box set catch up

6 – Get crafting 

  • If this sounds like a form of torture then skip to the next one, but if you love to watch all those homemade Christmas shows and always think I would love to do this if I had time… well now you do.  So how about drying orange slices or making your own Christmas gnomes (Tomte Nisse)
  • Or why not celebrate Valentines Day this year?  We don’t normally but this year I am busy crafting away with the kids to decorate the house and do some fun activities to keep us all occupied.  I have loads of ideas that I have collected for Valentines in Lockdown

7 – Start a gratitude journal

  • You may dismiss this as a load of mumbo jumbo (I know I did), but I tried it and honestly it has made such a difference to me and my outlook on life.   Completing a gratitude journal on a daily basis has made me more positive and helped me to really see how much there is to be happy about even in these impossible times.

8 – Work Out!

9 – Take some time for you

  • Especially if you are responsible for the well being of others. A Typical Mummy has some great ideas for self care at home and sums it up with the quote ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’  How very true!
  • It is hard being the positive one all the time and coming up with things for the family to do when everything is shut so make sure that you take a bit of time for yourself and if you need some ideas then head over to my other brand Just15forme
  • Being completely selfless is rarely the best way to go as you will burn out so even if it means hiding in the loo – take some time out.
  • You may find some of these uplifting and inspirational parenting quotes give you a lift when you need it.  They are definitely my go to especially when it is harder to spend time with friends

10 – Take it one day at a time

  • Just like it isn’t helpful to get stuck in the past it also isn’t helpful to keep wondering and thinking about the future.  Try to live in the here and now.  We do not know what will happen after lockdown and it will make it all go slower if we worry about what is next. 
  • For me I am also not making plans.  I am sure that lots of you are planning trips for when this is all over, but I am really not up for any more stress this year and so I prefer to stay in the present.

Wishing you all love during this difficult time.  If you are struggling do seek help.

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  2. These are great. We’re taking #4 to heart this week “Get outside.” I just built what we hope will become a rather large front-yard, ice-skating rink. It’s 60 degrees right now (which is nice and unusual for MN for this time of year). But our temp will drop soon and freezing weather is on the way. Fortunately, our kiddos love the snow. And, they love ice-skating too. We’re trying to do what we can to encourage them to get outdoors.

    Thank you for the reminder there are things we can do, even in the midst of COVID.

  3. Good tips. There’s some great entertainment on the net too. Make some time for that. It reflects lockdown – so it made me feel a little more connected in the experience. We’re currently ‘out’ but nervously waiting to mess it up and have to go back….it’s a weird time. Stay safe! #Dreamteam

  4. Shelley Whittaker

    Love these tips! Its imperative to me that I maintain my exercise to keep sane … although it is a bit harder this time with the shorter and cooler days. I’ve seen lots of people mention gratitude journals lately and perhaps that is a sign that I need to start one! #DreamTeam

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