Valentines in lockdown

Valentines in Lockdown – 6 ways you can make it awesome

Valentines in Lockdown – ideas to make it awesome at home!

So here we go yet another celebration in lockdown.  Valentines in lockdown is almost here.  Now I must say that I don’t usually care about Valentines Day and we don’t do anything for it, but Valentines in lockdown is a different story.  Right now I would celebrate the opening of the front door if it meant a bit of excitement and something different to do so if you feel the same then read on as you will love my Valentines day in lockdown ideas.

If you are looking for more general lockdown activity ideas or inspiration for a lockdown birthday then head over to my other posts, but don’t forget to come back!!

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Valentines in lockdown

Decorate for Valentines in Lockdown

If you have kids at home I will bet that you are looking around wildly for ways to entertain them especially whilst the rain continues to fall seemingly endlessly in the UK so how about making some decorations for Valentines day in lockdown? It will keep them busy and give you the decorations you need to make the house feel a little special when Valentines day rolls round.

Here are a few great ideas I have found and some cute cards that we have made here in the past:

Valentines Day Fireplace Garland


Paper Hanging Hearts

Paper hearts

This one is super easy and you can do it just with red and pink paper or with foam sheets. 

[amazon box=”B07KBTNQYT”]

You could even just use white paper and get little kids to paint it red and pink before you cut out the hearts.

You can either cut the hearts out by hand or get yourself a heart hole punch.  We have one of these and the kids have used it so much for cards and decoration so it has been well worth buying.

[amazon box=”B08NDYV2TC”]

Heart Mobile Wall Hanging Decoration

I think this idea by Emmy’s Mummy is very cute and would look sweet in a kids room whether for Valentine’s Day or not.  Although it will also make a great decoration downstairs for our Valentines in lockdown celebrations.

How to Make a Heart Wall Hanging Decoration

More Great Valentines in Lockdown ideas

For 5 more great decoration ideas including my favourite which was to decorate the children head over to Fab Working Mom Life  and get ordering those face paints!

Valentines day craft for kids

easy valentines craft for kids

If you can’t be bothered to make your own decorations and with so much to do at the moment, what with working and home schooling who can blame you, then of course there are loads of options to buy.  Here are a couple that I like the look of and of course don’t forget about the Christmas lights…  A few hearts and a few fairy lights can go a long way in changing the mood of the house and make it feel festive!

[amazon box=”B01N4ANO28, FBP3UK02RO, B081F52P2S, B08PVWKZ5H“]

Or if decorating the house feels like a step too far how about some activities to do with the kids in the build up to the big day?  I found these fab ideas which might double up for home schooling on the Primary Parade.

Valentines Day Activities for kids

Valentines Formal Family Dinner

How about getting everyone in the family to ‘dress’ for dinner, laying up the table with your best dishes and serving up a fancy meal?  Let’s be honest if you have little kids around it is often just easier to embrace that and get them involved than trying to get them to go to bed and go to sleep early so that you can have a romantic meal for two. 

Whilst it is important to get time alone as well you don’t want to be putting pressure on yourself at the moment to get everyone in bed by a certain time.  No one needs any further disappointment right now and imagine how annoyed you will be if you plan a special dinner and you end up eating it along whilst your partner tries in vain to get the kids to sleep or worse still you both end up eating it cold and ruined! 

Avoid that by inviting the kids just this once.  Sure it won’t be romantic, but there are plenty of other days in the year for that.  Who knows restaurants may open and you may even be able to go out!!

My suggestion to make menus and print them out for everyone so that they can select their option (in advance so you know what you are making).  In return for this effort negotiate a lie in the day afterwards!

A family friendly menu idea that I had is this:




Chocolate Hearts Treasure Hunt

I know you are probably thinking – how many more treasure hunts can we possibly do, but seriously needs must and the kids do really find it exciting and fun so why not??

What we have found builds the interest and excitement is to actually do clues that they have to solve rather than just a crazed hunt.  You could even have maths problems to solve if you wanted to throw in another level of complication.  My kids would probably throw the clues at me if I suggested anything resembling school work on them, but maybe your kids are less anti school work than mine!

Secret Cupid

Why not organise a Secret Cupid event with some friends or just within your own immediate family? 

This doesn’t need to be an expensive activity as you could limit the gifts to a maximum value of £5 or £10 pounds, but think about all the money you are saving not going out for that fancy and inflated priced restaurant meal…

Maybe give the gifts a theme like a Self Care treat, something that makes you think of them or even their favourite chocolate.  You know the kids will just be super excited to be getting an unexpected gift.

I also love this idea for a Valentines Advent Calendar and I am thinking I might do one for the husband and one for the kids.

Valentines Day Advent Calendar

Order In

If you are more about having a night off rather than cooking then how about searching your local restaurants to see if any of them are doing a valentines menu that can be collected or delivered.  There are loads available that are for reheating at home as well so they are literally prepared by a top chef and then you just reheat and plate (and take the credit of course!)  Be super quick though as everything I have seen is selling out.

For a cheaper version supermarkets like Tesco have valentine’s meal deals running and Cook also has some great options.

Watch a lovey dovey family movie

Have a family movie night complete with a love themed snack platter – think popcorn, heart shaped gummies, heart shaped chocolates 

Valentines day in lockdown snacks

Our favourite love themed family movies are:

Gnomeo and Juliet

High School Musical

The Little Mermaid

The Sound of Music

The Princess Bride (PG rated)


Enchanted (PG rated)

How ever you decide to celebrate/ spend Valentines in lockdown I hope you have a fun time and that it is a chance for you to create a break in the monotony that is lockdown in winter.

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11 ways to have fun at home




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    1. My kids are super excited about the dinner. They have all been planning their outfits already!! I am surprised how excited they are really. I guess they need something to look forward to just as much as me

  2. I’m really not a fan of Valentines Day, though the other half is but I think this year we’ll have a little family celebration. Some great ideas here, I like the idea of valentines themed movie snacks!

    Katrina x

    1. I am not either. We don’t even do cards normally as I really think it is nonsense, but anything for a change of pace and a bit of excitement this year!

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  4. We never tend to make much fuss about valentines but maybe this year we need to have a bit of sparkle to cheer us all up! #mischiefandmemories

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